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The difference between capacitor and power capacitor you know how much?

by:Arkool     2020-08-30

Just I am really confused about contact capacitor industry, what is a capacitor, what power capacitor is all don't know, today we have compiled a article about the difference between the capacitor and power capacitor hope to be of help. Let's first understand the concept itself, from concept to distinguish. 

 Capacitor: 'containers of electricity, is a kind of hold charge device. Power capacitor: condenser used in power system and electrical equipment. Next from the distinguish between itself has the function of use, electric power capacitor can be divided into eight: according to the use 

(1) parallel capacitor. Originally called the phase-shift capacitor. Mainly used for the compensation of perceptual load of power system reactive power, in order to improve the power factor, improve the quality of voltage, reduce the loss of line. (2) the series capacitor. Series in high pressure lose power frequency, power distribution line, to the distribution of the compensating circuit impedance, improve static and dynamic stability of the system, improve the quality of voltage circuit, longer transmission distance and increase transmission capacity. (3) coupling capacitor. Mainly used for high frequency high voltage power line communication, measurement, control, protection, and in the extraction of power device for parts. (4) circuit breaker capacitor. Originally called equalizing capacitor. Parallel to fracture in ultra-high voltage breaker equalizing effect, make the fracture between the voltage in the process of breaking and disconnected evenly, and can improve the circuit breaker arcing characteristics, improvement points off ability. (5) electric capacitor. Used in the frequency of 40 ~ 24000 hz of electric equipment in the system, in order to improve the power factor, improve circuit voltage or frequency. 6 pulse capacitor. Main storage can role for impulse voltage generator, impact current generator, the circuit breaker test with basic can storage element such as oscillation circuit. All landowners and dc filter capacitor. Used in high voltage dc devices and high voltage rectifier filter device. Today standard capacitors. Used in power frequency high voltage dielectric loss measurement circuit, as a standard or device used to measure the capacitance differential pressure of high pressure. 

 The basic function of capacitor - — Charging and discharging this is we sort out about the content of the difference between the two, welcome to learn communication negotiations.
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