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The developing gradually of cfc-free air-conditioning and use 【 】

by:Arkool     2020-07-20
The present stage in China at least eighty percent of household air conditioner using R22 traditional refrigerants, is one of the types of freon refrigerant application more destruction of the ozone layer is very big, serious damage to the human living environment and ecological environment as a whole. In accordance with the Montreal protocol to phase out by 2020 as refrigerant R22, new environmental protection refrigerant cfc-free air-conditioning used as the main substitute refrigeration ( Hot) More efficient, does not destroy the ozone layer. Fluorine-free fluoride air-conditioning large railway for refrigeration effect is almost no air conditioning will not cause damage to the atmosphere environment, both the service life of the air conditioning is longer in about 15 years or so. New refrigerant cfc-free, 2 is the environmentally friendly refrigerant, traditional air conditioning is to use freon is also called as refrigerant R22, freon with poor stability, with the ozone in the atmosphere is destroyed by chemical action of the ozone layer. This is a country to ban the use of step by step. 3 cfc-free air-conditioning due to the change of cooling technology has led to the price of this kind of air conditioning machine will be a little more expensive, relative to the cheaper ones have fluorine air conditioning environmental performance is stronger, now in the market of refrigerants are generally new refrigerant refrigerants. For refrigerant matching Angle or cfc-free air-conditioning is better. 4 small on the choice of air conditioning air conditioning, air conditioning of cfc-free air-conditioning with fluoride air-conditioning energy saving effect is more apparent than directly save electricity 10% 36%. Freon gas will replace oxygen in the air. Freon colorless, tasteless, when there is high concentration, the leak can damage the central nervous system, make the inattention, dizziness, headache, movement disorder. Excessive intake and time is too long, inhibiting respiratory functions, leading to coma and even death. Eye contact with the gas and liquid are strong stimulation, pain, swelling, tears.
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