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The central air conditioning should be how to maintain?

by:Arkool     2020-06-13
Spring brings warmth, during brief ushered in the central air conditioning and the rest of the season, central air conditioning should be how to maintain? 1, clean indoor machine filter after using a winter central air conditioning, the indoor machine mesh in accumulated a lot of dust and foreign bodies, easy to breed bacteria and viruses. Touch the surface temperature of the evaporator. Work in all parts of the normal air conditioner evaporator temperature should be the same, its surface is cold, generally at about 15 ℃, bare copper pipe elbow of condensation water. Central air-conditioning maintenance to touch the surface temperature of the condenser. Air conditioner boot after the operation, the condenser will soon heat up, the faster the faster cooling, heat under normal use, the temperature of the condenser can be up to about 80 ℃, condensing tube wall temperature in 45 - commonly 55℃。 Central air-conditioning maintenance touch low pressure return airway surface temperature. Normal, cold air suction pipe, the exhaust heat. Hands should feel cool, if the environment temperature is low, the low pressure there would be any condensation water back into the trachea surface, if back to the trachea don't condensation, and high pressure pipe is very hot, the compressor shell is also very hot, is likely to be lack of refrigerant, if all compressor muffler on condensation, and knot to half or all of the compressor shell, refrigerant too much. If not timely cleaning, in use will be blown into the interior with indoor machine again, not only affect the healthy body, can also affect the central air conditioning cooling/heating effect and increase energy consumption. When cleaning the central air conditioning, should remove strainer first. With cleaner can clean up the dust on the central air conditioning, also can be cleaned with water central air conditioning mesh, after air back, again with a clean towel to wipe outlet, until clean. 2, reopened to trial in advance is necessary in the precooling, transferred to the cooling mode of central air conditioning refrigeration test in advance, indoor temperature set at 16 ℃, 2 hours of continuous power, air conditioning and refrigeration is whether normal condensed water discharge smoothly. If there is a problem need to install the central air conditioning field inspection company contact. 3, when not in use for a long time, should be timely cut off power supply when the seasons, because long time not use central air conditioning, must cut off the central air conditioning power supply in a timely manner. 。 Central air conditioning recovery before use, check whether there is any blocking phenomenon on ventilation aisle. 。 If you hear the central air conditioning of the abnormal noise, you need to make a phone call to the professional after-sales maintenance engineer to check. Don't forced switch, in case of damage to the machine. 。
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