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The central air conditioning refrigeration result is bad? The reason the uncensored

by:Arkool     2020-07-14
After the summer solstice, the hot weather. In this hot summer day, the sun is shining, whether it be in supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, office buildings, such as air conditioning almost become essentials, people heartily enjoying a little summer cool and refreshing, experience the air conditioning of comfortable and beautiful. But, as the central air-conditioning into using the rush hour, many people will find that after some time of use, central air conditioning refrigeration effect is better than before, this actually is what reason? Is there any effective solution? Today, everyone is to find the reason and solution together! Central air conditioning refrigeration principle based on the analysis of the cause of the central air conditioning not refrigeration, before we start to know about the refrigeration principle of air conditioning, central air conditioning refrigeration system consists of compressor, condenser, choke, evaporator of four basic parts, by the copper pipe connect the four items in a certain order into a closed system, filling a certain amount of refrigerant system, general of the air conditioning refrigerant freon. In refrigeration, for example, the compressor suction freon from evaporator in the low temperature low pressure gas, compressed into freon gases of high temperature and high pressure, and then through the thermodynamic expansion valve ( Capillary) , the throttle into low temperature low pressure liquid freon, then low temperature low pressure freon liquid in the evaporator absorbs heat from the indoor air, become the freon gas of low temperature low pressure, low temperature low pressure freon gas was the compressor suction. Indoor air after evaporator, released heat, air temperature drop. So 'compression - — Condensation - — Throttling - — Evaporation 'repeated cycle, refrigerant constantly take away the quantity of heat of indoor air, thus reducing the temperature of the room. Poor cooling effect of several factors in the four basic components of the central air conditioning, compressors have been determined by the cost of investment, therefore, factors that affect the central air conditioning refrigeration effect are the following: 1, unreasonable design and installation at the beginning of the installation of central air-conditioning needs through professional installation company, some people in order to save money, skip this procedure, lead to room and central air-conditioning package design is not reasonable, refrigerating capacity can't meet the needs of all the rooms. For example: the central air conditioning ventilation tube when installation is too long, heat transfer efficiency is reduced, cause no refrigeration; The outlet or the location of the installation is unreasonable, the cold wind for blocking could spread to every corner of the room, can also lead to the refrigeration effect is poor. 2 and lack of refrigerant leakage of central air conditioning refrigerant do you need to add, can be determined according to the compressor outlet pressure. If the system closed lax, can cause refrigerant leakage, eventually led to the decrease of the refrigerating capacity, so should be conducted on a regular basis central air-conditioning maintenance, air tight inspection.
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