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The cautions of refrigeration compressor failure occurs

by:Arkool     2020-04-02
Compressor is the core of the refrigeration system and heart. The compression ability and characteristics of tractor decided the ability and characteristics of the refrigeration system. In a sense, design and matching of cooling system is the ability to compressor. As a result, the world is on the study of refrigeration's compressor refrigeration industry invested a lot of energy and new research directions and research appear constantly. Compressor technology and performance level with each passing day. Many different kinds of compressor, according to different working principle, the compressor can be divided into fixed displacement compressor and variable displacement compressor. We suggest, if the malfunction of the refrigeration compressor will pay attention to some things. < p =“文本-风格 Align: center '> < / p> 1, the damage of the original compressor is dismantled, must to nitrogen blow sludge treatment system, can connect the new compressor system. 2, when the welding operation, in order not to make the copper tube wall generates oxidation film, must pass into nitrogen, nitrogen to time should be enough. 3 is not permitted in the replacement of compressor or other parts will be outside the compressor as a vacuum pump to empty the machine line in the air, or it will burn down compressor, vacuum pump must be used to vacuum. 4, replace the compressor in the compressor must be added when the right amount of freezing oil. 5, must be checked before change the cause of the original compressor damage, replace the bad parts. Because of damage to other components will directly cause compressor damage. 6, when replace the compressor, it must immediately change the filter drier. Because the filter drier of desiccant is saturated, lose their ability to filter water. 7, must take the original system of frozen oil clean, because the new pump has been injected into full production frozen oil, different type of frozen oil won't mix, otherwise can cause poor lubrication, metamorphic result in compressor cylinder, yellowing, burning. 8, replacing the compressor should pay attention to prevent freezing oil in the system too much, otherwise it will cause the system to reduce the effect of heat transfer, so that the system pressure on the high side, damage and compressor system. 9 don't too fast, charging refrigerant, otherwise you will produce liquid impact, the valve plate fracture, causing loss of pressure inside the compressor rang. 10, after the installation, should check whether the radiator is working properly, if the system pressure exceeds the normal pressure, 13 - 15kg) , will cause the clutch sliding, bearing, coil burned or damage of the compressor. < p> < / p>
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