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The arrangement of freon refrigerant piping

by:Arkool     2020-07-10
Is the main characteristic of freon refrigerant and oil dissolve each other, therefore, must guarantee from each refrigeration compressor out of the lubricating oil in after condenser, evaporator and a series of equipment, piping, all can come back to refrigeration compressor crankcase. ( A) Basic principles 1, fully guarantee each evaporator for liquid. 2, avoid too much pressure loss. 3, to prevent liquid refrigerant into the refrigeration compressor. 4, prevent lack of lubricating oil from the compressor crankcase. 5, should be able to keep airtight, clean and dry. 6, convenient operation and maintenance should be considered and appropriate attention and tidy. ( 2) The principles of freon piping arrangement 1, 1) the suction Compressor suction pipe shall be not less than 0. 01 slope, slope to the compressor. 2) When the evaporator is higher than the refrigeration compressor, in order to prevent downtime when liquid refrigerant from the evaporator into the compressor, evaporator muffler should first bending upwards to the highest point of the evaporator, and then descends to the compressor. Freon compressor suction freon compressor parallel operation, return to each compressor lubricating oil does not necessarily and away from the station compressor lubricants are equal in amount, therefore, must be on the crankcase with equalizer pipe and oil balance, make more of the oil in the compressor crankcase oil through the oil balance tube into the oil return less the compressor. 4) Rise to breathe in the riser of freon gas must have a certain velocity, can be brought back a lubricating oil in the compressor. 5) In the variable load working system, in order to ensure low load can be oil return, two rise riser are available, and between the two pipe elbow connection with a set of oil, making two pipes are from upper into the horizontal tube, as shown in figure 6) Multiple sets of evaporator gas pipe connect back to the same suction duct, should according to the evaporator and the relative position of refrigeration compressors adopt different methods to deal with. 2, 1) exhaust pipe In order to prevent the lubricating oil or may be condensed liquid flow back to the compressor, refrigeration compressor exhaust pipe should be 0. 01 ~ 0. 02 slope, slope to the oil separator or condenser. 2) When no oil separator, if the compressor is lower than the condenser, the exhaust pipe should be designed as a u-bend, in order to prevent condensation of liquid refrigerant and oil return flow back to the compressor, condenser and the receiver to pipe (1) Between the condenser and accumulator fluid tube, there are two kinds of the connection methods; 2) Straight through the receiver to take over the pipe diameter size is according to run at full capacity when the liquid flow rate is not greater than zero. 5 m/s to select. 3) The receiver into the fluid had better use Angle valves ( Angle valve resistance smaller) 。 4) Receiver should be lower than the condenser, and condenser inlet Angle valve center distance should be not less than 200 mm. 5) Adopting straight-through receiver, supercooled liquid from the condenser into the receiver will be lost after super-cooling degree. 6) Fluctuation at the top of the receiver has a balance at the top of the connecting tube and condenser, liquid refrigerant from liquid bottom of pass in and out, to adjust and stabilize refrigerant circulation. 7) Out of the liquid refrigerant from the condenser, liquid can be directly through the tube to reach the expansion valve. 8) Height of condenser and the fluctuation of the accumulator should be greater than 300 mm, maximum load liquid refrigerant flow velocity in the pipe and condenser export necessary to receiver the liquid surface elevation difference H value shown in table. Fluid flow velocity in the pipe and elevation difference H value 4, or between receiver and evaporator condenser pipe (1) In order to avoid flash gas in liquid pipe, it should be from the receiver for fluid pipe attached together with the compressor suction pipe, insulation materials and applications; 2) Evaporator in the condenser or receiver, such as fluid tube is not installed on the electromagnetic valve, the liquid pipe should be equipped with inverted U shape liquid seal, its height should not be less than 2 m. 3) Many sets of different height of the evaporator is located in the condenser or the receiver, in order to avoid possible formation of the flash gas into the highest a evaporator, should according to the figure method to take over. 4) Direct evaporative air cooler air flow direction should make the hot air in contact with the evaporator outlet exhaust pipe. 5) Using thermal expansion valve for liquid freon cooling pipe, generally adopt top down out form to ensure the oil return. Series exhaust pipe to keep the last set of row for fluid way as the top down out. 6) Under the condition of pressure drop allows, cooling tube can be concatenated connection. Using thermal expansion valve for liquid freon cooling pipe, generally adopt top down out form to ensure the oil return. Tandem line just keep one last set of exhaust pipe fluid for top down out, this does not require each group of exhaust pipe adopt top down out ways of feed liquid. Freon refrigeration system pipe commonly used copper tube or seamless steel tube, usually under 20 mm diameter in the copper tube, pipe diameter is larger in seamless steel tube. Ammonia refrigeration system of pipeline all adopts the seamless steel pipe. In the freon refrigeration system, should try to reduce the connection pipe to avoid leakage, refrigeration pipe generally connected by welding. In the pipeline and equipment or between the valve flange connection available, but attention should not be used natural rubber mat, also cannot with mineral oil, with glycerol when necessary. Under 20 mm diameter of copper tube to remove parts adopt joint with thread and speakers at the mouth of the threaded connection. Saturated refrigerant evaporation temperature changes in the value, should meet the following requirements: ( 1) Freon air suction pipe, should not be greater than 1 ℃. ( 2) Freon exhaust pipe, appropriate USES 0. 5 ℃ - 1 ℃。
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