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The advantages of intelligent low-voltage capacitor

by:Arkool     2020-08-15
  1. Saving energy and reducing consumption, reducing the conventional capacitor ark 90% of energy consumption. Is about 50% smaller, can save land, copper, silver materials, engineering plastics such as resources around 50%, wire electrical loss, contact electrical loss, devices such as electrical loss reduce 50%.

  2. 2. Zero passage for: using intelligent thyristor composite circuit in the beginning, voltage inputs such as implementation, no flow impact, zero current removal, operating over voltage, arc reigniting, greatly improving the equipment of impact resistance to voltage, current, power consumption is small.

  3. 3. Split phase compensation: single phase compensation respectively, to solve the unbalanced three-phase load conditions; Of reactive power deficiency is the larger of the phase separate compensation, achieve the optimization of compensation effect.

  4. 4. Intelligent network: more intelligent low voltage power capacitor connected to the Internet, when using automatic generation of a network, including the smallest one to host address code, the rest is from the machine, a low voltage reactive power automatic control system; If the individual machine fault, automatic exit, do not affect the rest of the work, if the host fault, also want to quit, in the rest from the machine to create a new host, to form a new system; Capacity, based on the principles of cycle for the same capacitor, capacitor, based on the principles of optimal filling capacity for; 485 communication interface, computer can access the background, integrated distribution management.

  5. 5. High reliability: cancel the controller adopts the model of distributed control, put an end to the whole system paralysis caused by controller failure; Intelligent thyristor compound switching on-off switch to ensure that no flow in the process of impact, capacitance can no operating overvoltage, no arc reigniting, failure rate is extremely low, completely solve the traditional model of contactor, capacitor often damage problem.

  6. 6. Temperature protection: equipped with a temperature sensor, can response capacitor current, harmonic, leakage flow and the high temperature circumstances cause capacitor internal fever, over temperature protection, after more than set temperature automatic removal of capacitor, run out, achieve the goal of protection equipment.

  7. 7. Block structure, product standardization, modularity, replaced the traditional controller, air switch, ac contactor, thermal relay, silicon controlled rectifier, capacitor, the combined as a whole, set ark installation when use bricks piled up.

  8. 8. Ark installation, wiring simple: more than one capacitor Banks processing time reduced by more than 60% than the traditional mode, reduce 80% connections at the same time, reduce 80% of the nodes, concise inside ark, achieve rapid assembly at the scene of the use.

  9. 9. Expansion convenient: the product is small in size, easy connection, along with the increase of the electricity users power load can increase the number of capacitors, changed the conventional model for complex wiring, invariable limitation, suitable for the needs of the development of enterprises, can be in installment investment.

     10. Convenient maintenance: digital tube display protection action type, overvoltage, undervoltage, over current, over temperature, three-phase unbalance, etc. ; Intelligent low voltage power capacitor have self-diagnosis function, can reflect on the screen switches, capacitors, intelligent module, network communication, such as fault, is advantageous to the on-site troubleshooting.

11.Effect: ensure system voltage stability qualified; Improve the power factor, to forecast the input capacitor, if invest capacitor cover, do not put, avoid excess reactive power and fine; Control reliability by 100% and increases with active output, reduce the capacity of investment, loss reduction and energy saving.

12 Telecommunication: can extend to realize the remote control.
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