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Tetrachloroethylene is expected to be used for the preparation of new refrigerant

by:Arkool     2020-03-30

  HCFC- Is the CFC - 123 And CFC - 11 Substitute for 113, its main purpose is to replace CFC - 11 is used as refrigerant, used in low pressure centrifugal water chillers, and has been recognized by the world. 结束前, 123 also as part of the mixed agent, replace halon 1211 and 1302. In addition, as 123 also can be used as detergent and foaming agent.

  HCFC- Used to replace CFC - 124 114, used as a water chiller refrigerants, in a variety of applications such as centrifugal chiller, also as a substitute CFC - now 12 R - mixed working medium And R - 401 In 409, the main components, used as a refrigerant temperature.

  HFC- Mainly used for confecting blended refrigerant R - 125 404年,R - 407C、R- A and R - 401 Alternative R - 507 a, And as of 502 22 for low and medium temperature refrigeration. HFC - 125 also can replace halon 1301. The world is HFC - 2003 125 the device capacity of 2. 30000 tons/year. As the R - 502、HCFC- 22 out of HFC - The 125 market demand will increase rapidly, and its production capacity will be rapid growth.

  HCFC- 123、HCFC- And HFC - 124 Production line 2: (125 1) Trichloroethylene as raw material, the first by the HF gas add up and get as catalytic fluorination 133 a, again as chloride 123, and then by the as 123 as gas phase fluorination system 124、HFC- 125; ( 2) Tetrachloroethylene as raw material by HF gas additive, catalytic fluorination as system 123、HCFC- And HFC - 124 125. From the technical and economic analysis for tetrachloroethylene gas phase fluorination reaction route advisable, HFC - The output of 125 than as The output of 124. < / p> < p> tetrachloroethylene production HFC - can also 134 a, divided into 2 steps: first step with tetrachloroethylene, HF, CI2 as raw materials, in the presence of ALF3 catalyst for chlorine gas phase fluorination reaction, get a CFC - 114a、CFC- And a small amount of CFC - 114 115, and then in 100 ~ 350 ℃ and Pd C the presence of catalyst for hydrogen reaction solution, HFC - 134 a and other by-products. < / p> < p> < / p>

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