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Summer is refrigeration refrigerator, three steps to solve easily

by:Arkool     2020-05-01
RuFu since the temperature jump, refrigerator has become many families to store food supplies. If you don't refrigeration refrigerator, that is big trouble, containing food under the high temperature catalytic will soon spoil. Here is introduced several kinds of refrigerators for everyone is not the cause and the solution, the refrigeration hope to help you troubleshoot! , not the analysis of the causes of refrigeration and freezer inside the compressor, high pressure tube rupture, the output buffer or fixed tube screw loosening, caused by high pressure pipe does not exhaust, low pressure pipe don't inhale, so the compressor is running, but not refrigeration. 2 leaks, refrigeration system, refrigerant all fled away, and the compressor is running, but no refrigerant evaporation heat absorption in the system, so the refrigerator temperature is not down. 3, capillary jam, refrigerant could not enter in the evaporator evaporation heat absorption, the refrigerator temperature is not down. Second, how to determine the cause of the refrigerator is not refrigeration, check the power supply connection is normal. The door is opened, observe whether the lighting in the cabinet is light, or electricity pen test. 2, if the power supply connection is normal, listen to the compressor is working. Compressor normal work can be a slight and vibration motors ( If use hand to feel the vibration of the compressor, should pay attention to don't scald, because the temperature of the compressor has 40 - in winter 50 ℃, the summer is 80 - 90℃) 3, if the compressor can work, test the presence of refrigerant refrigeration systems ( Refrigerant) 。 Let the refrigerator running pull the plug in a few minutes, carefully listen to the voice of copper pipe in presence of liquid flow. If no refrigerant in the said system has leak, or the compressor has lost the ability to work. 4, if your refrigerator is cooled, should check whether the fan is working. Open the door of the freezer, with the hand holding the box mouth edge button ( The button control indoor lighting when opening the door and stop the fan work) Don't work, check the fan is working, the fan also causes no refrigeration fridge. 5, the refrigerator food placed too much may also affect the refrigeration effect. Three, refrigerator not refrigeration method 1, cut casing, change the buffer tube, or screw tightening. 2, first find out system leak parts, welding repair of qualified, pressure, time, add refrigerant to a certain amount, usually in the evaporator with frost or refrigerator to reach the rated temperature shall prevail. 3, capillary or blockage in a dryer, outlet are fever, therefore, to tear open come down to clear! In addition, the household refrigerator generally have ZhiLengShi and between cold type two kinds, ZhiLengShi refers to by the evaporator ( Cooling pipe) Directly with the frozen, chamber heat transfer and purpose of cooling; Between cold type refers to the evaporator ( Cooling pipe) Separated and freezing, cold storage, by a fan blowing air into the cooling refrigeration, cold storage and to achieve. Four, refrigerator check steps of the common faults' Refrigerator refrigeration not 】 : check whether the refrigerator power plug is inserted; Whether the power socket with electricity; The power circuit breaker is disconnected. Check the freezer door light is on, to determine whether the refrigerator power supply is connected. Check whether the thermostat at work gear, the thermostat is downtime gear ( 0) , put down compressor doesn't work. 【 Refrigerator bad 】 : check whether the thermostat gear is too low. Too much or whether storage of products in the hot food. Often open the door or door seal is lax. Whether there is heat source to direct sunlight or near the fridge. Whether the surrounding poor ventilation. Check whether the environment temperature is too low, temperature compensation and switch is not opened. 【 Refrigerator a noise won't start 】 : under normal temperature ( 15℃- 38℃) , refrigerator started, if the compressor issued a 'buzzing' sound, and a half minutes compressor stop working, this kind of situation is due to the power supply voltage is too low, Less than 187 v) Cause the compressor cannot be started; If the compressor 'boon boon' sound, then heard 'snapping', this kind of situation is due to the power supply voltage is too high, Above 242 v) Due to continuous working time is too long or compressor; When the power supply voltage return to normal or compressor shell temperature reduced, the refrigerator can work normally. 【 The ordinary is lax 】 : the reasons of the gap between the door seal and housing mainly sealer deformation, can use hair dryer ( Power 300 w) Blow roast deformation sunken place, make its restorable, eliminate the gap. But pay attention to the power of blower cannot too big, not too hot, blowing mouth from the deformation of the door gasket can't be too close, otherwise it will damage the door gasket. In addition, the door is at the bottom of the door gasket cavity and place a thin sponge MATS, can eliminate the gap. If the above correction is invalid, should be replaced a new strip. 【 Cold water or water overflow 】 : freezer drain plug, causing condensate cannot successful eduction, using tools for dredge can have certain flexibility.
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