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Summer is on the four pitfalls for used antifreeze antifreeze

by:Arkool     2020-08-09

Now gradually into the summer, the hot weather. Many owners are in doubt, whether automobile antifreeze is not necessary to use. Some people even think the antifreeze into water is feasible. However, this statement is correct? Many owners for the wrong understanding, antifreeze master will talk to you today antifreeze this thing. See you for the understanding of the antifreeze there is some kind of misunderstanding! Myth 1: fangdongye can be mixed with water with some thought experienced & other; The old driver & throughout; , often like to use tap water instead of antifreeze. Actually this kind of method is extreme wrong. Tap water contains many minerals, after heating evaporation, these minerals formed a scale deposition on the metal surface. If the scale in the water tank, will influence the radiator cooling effect, result in higher temperature and & other; Boiled & throughout; 。 If the scale forming in the engine cooling water system, blocking waterways, after the normal circulation of local temperature rise could easily lead to the engine, the engine is prone to failure. As is known to all, is the heart of automobile engine, & other; Heart & throughout; The damaged car is & other; Throughout the line &; 

 The danger. Erroneous zone 2: fangdongye merely used to freeze a lot of people to the understanding of the antifreeze is limited to the winter to keep appropriate working temperature of the engine. But in fact, the function of antifreeze is far more than that. In addition to being able to keep the engine temperature in winter, summer can also prevent water tank water boiled. Some antifreeze has the following function: 1. Antiscale water as cooling fluid's gives the driver a headache is the problem scale, scale attached to the tank, the water jacket of the surface of the metal, make the heat dissipation effect worse and worse, and also difficult to clear up. High-quality antifreeze made of distilled water and anti-scaling additives, not only scale also has the function of descaling. Of course, if your tank scale is very thick, it is better to use first tank detergent thoroughly clean again after adding antifreeze. 2. Corrosion protection function of the engine and cooling system is made of metal, copper, iron, aluminum, steel and solder. 

 These metal contact with water at high temperature, in the long run will corrode, rust. And antifreeze will not cause corrosion to the engine cooling system, also has the function of corrosion and rust removal. Myth 3: fangdongye can be a mixture of several brands of antifreeze will be valid for two years, generally engine antifreeze general two years or once every 40000 kilometers need to replace, The taxi should change frequently) 。 Use the same brand as far as possible when adding antifreeze, because different brands of antifreeze its production recipe will differ, if mix, is likely to occur chemical reaction between a variety of additives, additives caused failure. Different models and different brands use antifreeze is different, some antifreeze is green, and some antifreeze is purple, freezing point, boiling point is different, once the mixture, the components interact with each other, it is likely to damage the engine. If can not add the original fangdongye, change the net to put the old liquid, after the cooling system is clean, and changing the new fluid. Myth: only need to use in winter antifreeze antifreeze is mainly working medium inside the car engine cooling system, its main function is to make the engine cooling system with forced circulation, keep the engine operating temperature. We usually call it & other; Antifreeze & throughout; Because it contains the chemical composition of some low freezing point, which can protect the engine and the tank car at low temperatures do not freeze. 

 But in fact, besides anti-freezing effect, with ethylene glycol and other chemical preparation antifreeze is not only good low temperature resistance, and has a high temperature resistant characteristics. This kind of antifreeze at close to 200 degrees Celsius can be & other; Boil & throughout; 。 Summer on the tank filling this fangdongye, you, is not easy to automobile water tank & other; Boiled & throughout; Beset. So the antifreeze should be used in the year and should be replaced regularly. Plus is a master must remind is: corrosion resistance is the most important role in antifreeze, had better choose the brand products. Because for normal manufacturer production, brand products are generally antifreeze added preservatives, corrosion inhibitor, scale inhibitor and detergent. Taobao sell some without regular inspection of antifreeze, often has strong corrosive, damage to automotive cooling systems, some antifreeze will will flow into the engine, after water tank corrosion perforation caused by accident. Master conclusion: even in summer, also don't easily throw away fangdongye, also do not add water to the antifreeze, it will affect the technical performance of antifreeze, in winter, reuse is very troublesome. In addition to regular inspections of antifreeze, completes the maintenance work, with hidden danger.                                

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