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Summer air conditioning is not cold, did you check the refrigerant?

by:Arkool     2020-07-19
The magic of vegetation growing in May, the hot place sends has invaded our city. Then we can open the car air conditioning, enjoy it brings coolness, as if incarnation lone ranger, cool, in the city. Therefore, in the daily maintenance of vehicles, drivers ignore the refrigerant of avoid by all means. 1, what is the refrigerant? Cold media, namely the automobile air conditioning refrigerants, also called snow, is in the air conditioning system to produce frozen effect of the working fluid. Auto refrigerant of everything have environmental protection and the environmental protection of R12 two types, including R12 long history and the use of common, but it contains chlorine molecules can destroy ozone in the atmosphere and cause the greenhouse effect, new car air conditioning system at home and abroad are now mostly used the 134 a refrigerant. Generally in the summer when the need to give the car charging refrigerant, auto add refrigerant to note refrigerants swaps, problems and the vacuum. 2 how often, auto refrigerant replacement? In general, according to the vehicle air conditioning usage, recommended a refrigerant replaced every 24 months. If the vehicle is not on a regular basis to supplement or replace, can lead to air conditioning refrigeration effect is declining. At present, the quality of the refrigerant on the market the good and bad are intermingled, using informal refrigerants, inside short time can refrigeration, but if use for a long time, there will be air conditioning refrigeration undesirable situation, serious can lead to strain air conditioning compressor. Therefore, when purchasing a refrigerant, car mainly choose the regular brand refrigerant products. 3, in addition to the replacement of refrigerant, maintenance car air conditioning system also need to do? A: can reduce the odor, germs, can also keep the car air condition is good. B: clean the evaporator. If the car's air conditioning replacement soon produced a peculiar smell, then you need to clean the evaporator. At the time of the seasons for the automotive air conditioning system for a comprehensive inspection maintenance is very necessary, to get better effect of cleaning maintenance, suggest appropriate use some detergent. Regardless of which aspects of the inspection maintenance is based on creating a favorable environment inside, so in addition to make car air conditioning system of hardware maintenance, often open the door ventilation is also an effective way to maintain a healthy air inside the car.
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