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Spring is around the corner, refrigerant price and in early spring

by:Arkool     2020-07-26
As temperatures rise gradually, the boom of air-conditioning industry rise gradually, refrigerant price increased month by month this year, especially in April. Why refrigerant this year prices have risen so high? Refrigerant is also called the refrigerating agent, also known as snow, it is a cycle in the refrigeration system and through its own change of state in order to realize the refrigeration work material. Let's take a look at what some refrigerant type on the market. Now more commonly used refrigerants, and most of central air-conditioning industry using R22, everything, R410a, R407CR, 404 a, R507, etc. , we understand simple R22, R410a, R134a has a three. R22 refrigerant R22 is a kind of freon refrigerant in the application, mainly used in household air conditioner and cryogenic refrigerator. Standard gasification temperature is - 40. 8 ℃, condensing pressure usually not more than 1. 6MPa。 R22 non-combustible, not burst, use of safe and reliable than ammonia, unit volume about 60% higher than R12, its low temperature refrigerating capacity and saturation pressure were higher than the unit volume R12 and ammonia. In recent years of large air-conditioning chiller refrigerant mostly to replace everything. R410A refrigerant under atmospheric pressure, R410A is a chlorine fluoroalkane non azeotropic mixed refrigerants, colorless gas, storage is compressed in the cylinder of liquefied gas. Is not to undermine the ODP is 0, so R410A atmospheric ozone environmental protection refrigerants. R410A is mainly used to replace R22, r114, with clean, low-toxic, non-flammable, refrigeration effect is good wait for a characteristic, a large number of used in household air conditioner, small commercial air conditioning, household central air conditioner, etc. R134a( Four fluorine ethane) Refrigerant R134a has a is the internationally recognized one of the main refrigerating substitute R12, commonly used in the car air conditioning, commercial and industrial refrigeration system, and used as a foaming agent in hard plastic insulation materials production, can also be used to configure other mixed refrigerants, such as R404A and R407C. A large number of used in automobile air conditioning, refrigerator refrigeration. This is the main several representative of refrigerants, air conditioning refrigerant half price doubled this year, linlin and pure understanding, shares according to the announcement, in late January ~ April, R22 product prices have risen by 9700 yuan/ton to 15500 yuan/ton, or 60%, Everything prices rose by 19500 yuan/ton to 30000 yuan/ton, or 54%, R410a prices rose by 16000 yuan/ton to 40000 yuan/ton, or 150%. Actually refrigerant prices are rising, mainly because of the auto industry, air-conditioning industry demand is stable, and the most important raw materials of fluorite refrigerant supply constraints, leading to the refrigerant prices, rising prices costs, such as air conditioning, the automobile industry. Fluorite is also called fluorine stone, is a kind of mineral, limited non-renewable resources and reserves. In recent years, fluorite obvious contraction capacity, the supply of fluorite since the fourth quarter of 2016 obvious trend of tighter, fluorite price rising. Now just entering June, followed by high temperature will be enveloped, Chinese demand for air conditioning only grow, which is referred to in the industry of the peak season. On how big is the actual impact of air conditioning industry just need refrigerants for air conditioning industry, rises in price considerably and intangible costs of increased pressure on the air conditioning industry, but in fact, for the air conditioning industry will not be too big, the influence of refrigerant price fluctuations has been on the consciousness, not only grow, and secondly, air conditioning refrigerant required for the tail and head of the just need, used refrigeration dose is limited, but the cost of air conditioning. Many units fuselage on the nameplate labels, which have marked the refrigerant injection type and injection rate. Refrigerant prices why? Here we calculated brushstroke zhang: in late January ~ April, R410a prices rose by 16000 yuan/ton to 40000 yuan/ton, price 24000 yuan/ton, which is 24 yuan/KG, a typhoon coldly commercial central air conditioning, hot water filled volume of the refrigerant R410a for 2 * 2. 1 kg, the air conditioner is due to the refrigerant prices also rose 100 yuan at most. So, in fact, refrigerant price impact on the cost of air conditioning is not large, but in an air-conditioning increasingly bitter competition today, for some was too difficult for heavy brand, said only stressed out! For the influence of the maintenance service has virtually increased costs. All the mountain to carry to go on further!
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