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Sorching summer, add refrigerant has exquisite cars

by:Arkool     2020-03-08
< p> cold media, that is, 'automotive air conditioning refrigerant', also known as the 'auto freon'. In the summer, many owners found that the car air conditioning cooling poor, often delivered the car motor repair shop to add refrigerant, so as to recover as soon as possible air conditioning refrigeration function. But now the sham as the genuine of air conditioning refrigerant, refrigeration effect is not good, not only can endanger the compressor instead. Today, the reporter visited field. Prices vary, ranging from $20 to 60, said to effective cooling < / p> < p> in the hills near the park a car beauty shop, the reporter pretend to own car no refrigeration, want refrigerant, the boss was eager to recommend to the reporter on the shelves of filling refrigerant, said 'just add a little, will soon be able to cool'. Reporter saw, the refrigerant from guangdong, Chinese, Korean, English all have. When reporters about whether its effective boss clap breast said: 'we have always been a plus, this all to us and, we are to add this. < / p> < p> the price of refrigerant is 20 yuan, pot on the wording 'everything'. Boss see reporters don't rest assured, and from the second floor of a different kind of refrigerant, said this a little bit better, to 25 yuan. 'Selling to 30 yuan outside, we make the preferential, give you cheaper. 'The owner said, laughing. < / p> < p> in its in yokogawa road by a repair shop, the boss took out the refrigerant is 60 yuan, origin from guangdong. Reporter pretend too expensive, said no, the boss said quietly, 20 multiple products enough refrigerant, refrigeration effect is not good, they have a bottle of 3 bottles can compensate the somebody else. '< / p> < p> cold media appearance is difficult to identify quality, cheap enough for < / p> < p>' general component is air conditioning refrigerant R12, R22 and R134a has a type, R12, R22 in general use in household air conditioner, plastic pipe corrosion effects of automobile air conditioner, auto air conditioner generally use R134a has a refrigerant. 'Said Han Dong 4 s shop foreman, cold media brands on the market at present is very much, the price is not the same, cheap as long as 20 yuan, you can reach hundreds of yuan, but they will write on the packaging for the wording' everything '. < / p> < p> Han Dong said, fake refrigerant inside the composition with the packaging logo is often different, some are simply do not know what is the chemical composition, even not R22, generally it is difficult to distinguish true and false, need to have special machine can verify the true and false. < / p> < p> but he also said that citizens can also identify. Printing not pass are certainly not factory production, and the owner had better choose the original cold media quality is stable, do not covet is cheap, it is best to buy more than 50 yuan of refrigerant, small repair shop more brand, although the price is cheap, but tend to be poor quality. In addition, he added: 'generally true refrigerant added later, we can reduce the temperature inside the car soon 2 degrees Celsius, the voice of the air conditioning will be smaller, and the lubrication effect will be better. Good refrigerant can have the effect of lubrication, and theoretically fuel consumption will be less. Often open air conditioning, the compressor oil consumption will increase by 5% - 8%, because of the lubrication, fuel consumption is relatively small. '< / p> < p> don't have to be cold air conditioning refrigerant problems < / p> < p> in the interview, Han Dong also warns a citizen, sorching summer air conditioning not refrigeration, is not necessarily a refrigerant. 'Car compressor, blower fails, the water temperature is too high to bring protection function open, will result in air conditioning refrigeration effect is poor. 'Said Han Dong, citizens are best to 4 s shops check first, and then make a decision < / p> < p> Han Dong said, in their current maintenance vehicles, not enough refrigerant is usually the cause of refrigerant leakage, and if just add refrigerant, refrigeration effect is certainly not obvious, but if too much, or add the inferior refrigerant, will damage the compressor, thus hurting the car air conditioning system. '' the inferior refrigerant and compressor oil containing impurities are not compatible, directly affect the lubrication effect, long-term use can lead to loss of compressor lubrication function. 'Han Dong said. < / p> < p> < / p>
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