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Shock! ! ! Cause damage to the car air conditioning - — Fake refrigerant ( Fluoride) And false frozen oil ( Fluorine oil)

by:Arkool     2020-07-17
Frozen oil ( Fluorine oil) As one of the important factors that affect the automotive air conditioning refrigerating system, often because small dosage and ignored by the owner. In fact, except to use authentic cars refrigerants, need more authentic quality of frozen oil phase is tie-in, can achieve better refrigeration effect. Cool lippo today? For everyone focuses on auto refrigerant products - — Frozen oil ( Fluorine oil) 。 Meanings and roles of frozen oil used for each moving parts in the refrigeration compressor lubrication oil called frozen oil. In the compressor, refrigeration oil mainly with lubrication, sealing, cooling and energy regulation, and other functions. Frozen oil, mineral oil and influence to protect the ozone layer, the difference between the Montreal protocol is proposed out the idea of freon R12. Alternative refrigerants for everything, the provisions of the state, from January 1, 2002, the domestic new referrals must use environmental protection refrigerant R134a has a vehicle. With everything is PAG, POE type of lubricating oil. Substitute R12 collocation is mineral oil. Everything is higher than price of R12, with everything of PAG and POE frozen oil than with R12 mineral oil prices will also high. On the market a lot of nominal applies to R - 134 a frozen oil, the price can low to two or three yuan, most of them are with R - 12 mineral oil to pretend to be, this is an open secret in the industry, because there is a certain interest rate differentials between, on the market there are many fake everything refrigerants and fake refrigerant R134a has a corresponding oil ( More than for mineral oil) 。 Use of these fake everything refrigerant or frozen oil do not match, will the car air conditioning system caused serious damage, final damage is in the interests of the owners. New everything system is designed solely for everything; By the same token, the old R12 system is designed solely for R12. Everything refrigerants and freon R12 are two kinds of different material, everything is a molecular polarity strong refrigerant, it with mineral oils are soluble, oil-water separation, unable to countless slip effect to the air conditioning system, and everything system matching refrigeration oil is PAG or POE frozen oil; And with R12 refrigeration oil is mineral oil. If everything system after filling the R12, inside short time can refrigeration, but long-term use will have a serious damage on automobile air conditioning system, until the damage expensive automotive air conditioning compressor; If everything in the system filling fake everything frozen oil ( More than for mineral oil) , because everything and mineral oil is not miscibility, also can cause serious damage to the air conditioning compressor, at the same time as everything the adaptability of the air conditioning system components material and mineral oil is very poor, which may cause the leakage of refrigerant, and produce the phenomenon such as a large number of sludge sedimentation. Everything for the air conditioning system using fake refrigerants, refrigerant or use fake frozen oil, will create a serious damage on the car air conditioning system. ( Below for automobile air conditioning compressor damaged by bad cold media) Cool lippo? Warm prompt: 1, R12, and everything can only be applied to air conditioning system and its corresponding all everything for refrigerant in automobile air conditioning system, the manufacturer will be in the compressor, condenser, evaporator, rubber hose and pump equipment indicated in the sign of everything in case of misuse. ( Through the following methods generally can distinguish is everything refrigeration system or R12 refrigeration system: from the air conditioning system of judging filling access port interface form, use ratchet everything refrigeration system interface, and the interface of high and low pressure pipe diameter is different; R12 refrigeration system adopts screw type, and the high and low voltage interface are the same diameter, at the same time, generally on the radiator grille or condenser cooling refrigeration system on the grid with the car models of tag. ) 2, using the fake everything, appeared the following fault in the car air conditioning system (1) the bite dead, compressor, interrupt, oil metamorphism is faulty. (2), expansion valve to imported evaporator, even in areas such as the liquid dryer are accumulated a wax-like emulsification, jam refrigeration loop ( With lubricating oil is also linked to unreasonable) , and is very difficult to remove these accumulated. (3) the seal material deformation, compressor and so on, cause micro refrigerant leakage. (4), run after a period of time ( Have a plenty of the second day of the add refrigerant) , the system capacity is decreased obviously. (5), condenser and cooling pipe burst. 3, use of fake and shoddy R134a has a corresponding frozen oil ( More than for mineral oil) And easy to have the following consequences (1), oil circulation in the cold heat circulation system. (1), because there is no lubrication, refrigerant compressor parts of excessive friction caused by the so, sintering, make air conditioning compressor damage. (3), compressor parts, and the material in the circulatory system could fit is very poor, resulting in the leakage of refrigerant, produce the phenomenon such as a large number of sludge sedimentation. 4, buy cars refrigerant and frozen oil ( Fluorine oil) Be sure to select the big brands
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