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Share of air conditioning refrigerant R410A technical characteristics

by:Arkool     2020-06-26
Share of air conditioning refrigerant R410A technical characteristics, and together we look at it now. Refrigerant R - HFC - 410 - a is a hybrid 32 and HFC - 125 ( Mass ratio of 50% / 50%) 。 It is instead R - 22 refrigerant fixed air conditioning system, but is cannot be applied on the original R22 equipment. It is not a substitute for R22. R - 410 a has proved can effect comparing increased 5 ~ 6%, compared to R - 22. It also has a R - 22 a higher capacity and release the pressure, make the design of the air conditioning device is smaller and compact. R - 410 a pressure than R22 increased nearly 60%, but the discharge pressure and the suction pressure and R22 have the same compression ratio. HFC - it is 32 and HFC - 125 almost azeotropic binary mixture, its floating temperature below zero. 2℃。 It is very similar to the properties of azeotrope, can see it as a single refrigerant. This means that they won't destroy the combination of the system and its proportion, also won't change when leakage. Cylinder diameter cannot too big, the compressor discharge capacity is not more than 32 cm3, so the piston machine can separate combination and the compression force is in danger. Steaming compression cannot exceed a certain space, danger! It is very important, so to add fluoride must be done in the liquid. R410 its excellent thermodynamic properties can be used more compact compressor, smaller the diameter of the tube, because it has lower energy loss. R - 410 a is compatible with mineral oil or oil alkyl benzene, because R410A won't mix with them. For R - Is 410 a specified oil polyols ( POE) Oil. The oil should not be exposed in the open air, and can only be opened before use. Tools and parts for refrigerant R - certainly 410A。 Do not use the conventional instrument filling refrigerant, measuring pressure and watching them ( Tube, extraordinary) In case of one thousand.
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