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Shallow of refrigerant R404A

by:Arkool     2020-07-06
Refrigerant R404A are R125 refrigerant, everything refrigerants and R143 refrigerant mixture of environmental protection refrigerants. Let us together to get to know the refrigerant R404A. Characteristics: ( 1) The colorless gas at room temperature of refrigerant R404A, under pressure from its own colorless transparent liquid. ( 2) Ozone depleting ozeme depletion potential ( ODP) To zero. ( 3) Global warming coefficient values ( GWP) To zero. 35. ( 4) Refrigerant R404A with clean, low-toxic, non-flammable, refrigeration effect is good wait for a characteristic, main use refrigerant R404A is mainly used for alternative refrigerant R22 refrigerant and r114, with clean, low-toxic, non-flammable, refrigeration effect is good wait for a characteristic, is very close to r114 refrigerant and refrigerant R404aA of operation, can achieve - even 9. 4 degrees centigrade or lower, so apply to all r114 refrigerant can be normal operation environment, for the general customers the recognition, is now a large number of used in cryogenic new commercial refrigeration equipment, transportation, refrigeration equipment, or update your equipment. Three, packaging ( There are primary dupont refrigerant R404A) Dupont refrigerant R404A packaging color is orange, the net weight of 10. 896kg。 Read the above for the introduce of refrigerant R404A, don't know you already know for R404A refrigerants?
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