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Self-healing type capacitor manufacturer in this paper, the parallel capacitor related knowledge

by:Arkool     2020-08-31

Self-healing type parallel capacitor is one of the many capacitors classification, easy cool specializing in the production of self-healing type low voltage power capacitor in parallel. Structure and paper condenser are similar, but with the low loss such as polyester, polystyrene plastic material as medium. Good frequency characteristic, dielectric loss is small. 

 Can't make it big capacity, heat resistant ability is poor. Filter, integral, oscillation and timing circuits. Ceramic capacitor wear heart type or pillar type structure ceramic capacitor, one of its electrode is install screw. Lead inductance, good frequency characteristic, small dielectric loss, temperature compensation function. Can't make it big capacity, the vibration will cause capacity changes. 

 Especially suitable for high frequency bypass. BSMJ series self-healing type low voltage power capacitor in parallel is fit for ac 50 hz / 60 hz and rated voltage up to 1000 v ac power system, improve the power factor, reduce reactive loss and improve the voltage quality. Installation site conditions, temperature range: 1 - 25℃/50℃ ; 2, altitude, 2000 m or less; 3, temperature range: 35 ℃, humidity is 90% or less; 4, the installation place no harmful gases, no electrical conductivity or explosive dust, no violent vibration. Above 5, set up two capacitor, the distance between the capacitor is not less than 30 mm, summer temperature is high effective cooling measures should be taken. Product structure, small volume, light weight; 2, low dissipation: active loss 1 or less. 2W/kvar; 3, excellent self-healing property: over-voltage or over-current caused by local puncture can rapidly self-healing, resume normal work; 4, good safety: built-in discharge resistor and over pressure protection device;
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