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Security analysis of hydrocarbon refrigerants

by:Arkool     2020-03-24
< p = '线——风格 高度:1。 75em; '> hydrocarbon refrigerants have zero ozone depletion value, GWP value almost can be ignored. It was identified as is harmless to the environment. And it has good physical properties, low freezing point. The gasification of latent heat many larger than R12 and everything, density is lower than the many. They no chemical reaction with water, metal, non-corrosive effect, can also be compatible with ordinary rubber material. Its good soluble oily, soluble in ordinary without oil soluble in organic matter, and no acid corrosion system formed. < / p> < p = '线——风格 高度:1。 75em; '> hydrocarbon refrigerants problem < / p> < p style = 'line. . . 高度:1。 75em; '> is its flammability, the volume fraction of combustible between 2% ~ 10%, but as long as it is beyond this range, the combustion will happen. Three basic conditions, it is well known that the material burning need one: fuel, whether solid, liquid and gas, all that can react with oxygen in the air or other oxidants which substance, are flammable materials. Such as hydrogen, carbon monoxide, methane, ethane, butane, and natural gas, ethylene, propylene, acetylene ( Soluble in medium) , liquefied petroleum gas, freon, oxygen, water gas, etc. Second: the oxidizer: who can help and support the burning material called oxidizer. Generally refers to oxygen and oxidant, is mainly refers to the oxygen in the air. This is called air oxygen, oxygen in the air about 21%. Flammable materials without oxygen in combination will not burn. Such as the burning of oil will need to be 10-1 kilogram 12 cubic meter of air. Need 4-1 kg of wood burning 5 cubic meter of air. When the air is in short supply, combustion will gradually weaken, until put out. When the oxygen of air is lower than 14 - 18%, the combustion will happen. Third: fire, all can cause flammable materials burning energy are called fire, such as flame, friction, impact, edm, and so on. < / p> < p = '线——风格 高度:1。 75em; '> with the above three conditions, material to burn. A stove, for example, only had the wood, Fuel) And the air, Oxidizer) , matches ( Fire) Three conditions, can make stove. < / p> < p = '线——风格 高度:1。 75em; '> for hydrocarbon refrigerants used in air conditioners, if you want to achieve the explosion, in addition to achieve the above three conditions at the same time, also must at the same time satisfy the two conditions, one is, in a confined space, one is within the scope of the explosion limit. < / p> < p = '线——风格 高度:1。 75em; '> hydrocarbon refrigerants compared with traditional refrigerants, hydrocarbon refrigerants has advantages of energy conservation and environmental protection this is prominent. Although hydrocarbon refrigerants flammable and explosive, but it is also under control, enables it to safe operation work in air conditioning system. A lot of people know about freon refrigerant damage to human body is not much, but in blind rejection of hydrocarbon refrigerants, in fact, if freon leak a freon gas will replace oxygen in the air. The gas in most stranded at lower and ventilated not free, cause severe hypoxia environment, in the environment or residence time is too long, can lead to lack of oxygen and suffocation. < / p> < p = '线——风格 高度:1。 75em; '> freon encounter with open flames and under the effect of moisture at the same time, can rapidly decompose generate phosgene ( Of internal organs have strong corrosion resistance, chemical and biological weapons of the period, German and Japanese fascism in world war ii) , nitrogen fluoride acid, hydrochloric acid, chlorine gas, carbon monoxide and other poisonous and harmful gases. Freon is considered, but the mixed with air at a certain concentration, also happened can lead to people of suffocation death or serious injury by accident. < / p> < p = '线——风格 高度:1。 75em; '> freon gases have a sweet taste. When there is high concentration of gas can hurt the discharge stop on-site staff of the central nervous system, make the inattention, dizziness, headache, movement disorder. Excessive intake and time is too long, inhibiting respiratory functions, leading to coma and even death. Eye contact with the gas and liquid are strong stimulation, pain, swelling, tears. Liquid splashes skin to make skin skin is dry, alligator, redness, inflammation and other hazards. < / p> < p = '线——风格 高度:1。 75em; '> hydrocarbon refrigerants is a kind of environmental protection, high efficiency and energy saving refrigerants, under the standardized operation of professional is completely safe and reliable, can be used in household, commercial air conditioner. Nanjing beautiful ice refrigeration co. , LTD. Production of a shark ® brand HCR series hydrocarbon refrigerants is China's current competitive natural environmental protection and energy saving of the refrigerant. < / p> < p> < / p>
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