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Said the time has come for refrigerant, do you know these things about the refrigerant

by:Arkool     2020-07-07
Is when the winter is the time to talk about antifreeze, however our mechanics circle friends all know that it is ready to cold media products. Cold media sales is coming, I to you about those things about the refrigerant. Long, long ago, the world would have been no refrigerant, because people need it, they invented it. Perhaps at the beginning of the 19th century, cold media appeared, originally used in perkins in the vapor compression refrigeration equipment design and development. Explore the moment didn't stop the footsteps, people have been looking for at the same time meet the 'stable, nontoxic, nonflammable, low boiling point' feature elements, has experienced one hundred years of exploration, finally lock 'carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, sulfur, hydrogen, fluorine, chlorine and bromine' the eight elements. Interesting is, however, before 1928, choose refrigerant is composed of seven kinds of elements of the above elements, not the fluorine element. Until 1930, when major ray and his assistant to select the CFC 12 ( CFC12, R12, CF2CI2) And, in 1931, commercial, and then a series of CFCs and HCFCs gradually developed the mass production in the United States dupont, eventually become the main of the refrigerant in the 20th century. The people realized that although the refrigerant has provided people with convenient, but also in constant endangering the environment, protect the environment is to protect human themselves, through the Montreal protocol in 1987, people began to actively looking for new and environmentally friendly alternatives. Since 1990, to give priority to with HFC refrigerants, HFC - the main representative products 134 a。 Although the HFC - 134 a ozone-depleting QianZhi ( ODP) The greenhouse effect is higher (0, but its GWP = 1300) , atmospheric long service life, extensive use of will cause global warming, also has entered the countdown stage of life. Since 2011, developed by dupont and honeywell HFO - 1234 - yf refrigerant as a single working medium, excellent environment parameters, GWP = 4, ODP = 0, longevity climate performance ( LCCP) Below the HFC - The decomposition and HFC - 134 a, atmosphere 134 a is the same, and the system performance is better than that of HFC - 134 a, the current has been gradually accepted by western European car makers and promotion. At the same time, traffic control measures related to the chemical category of transportation caused great impact, as well as the limitation on the SanChao and controls, cause logistics cost greatly enhance; Access to the most manufacturers will be after September for internal equipment maintenance, factory construction load down, causing a serious shortage of inventory, supply shortage in the short term, once again lift market supply price; Recent raw material prices have intensified, involves many areas of all kinds of raw material rise, cause refrigerant product related tank, valves, carton and so on have significantly higher; After the New Year's day today, the price of R134A has a slightly rise, 33000 - 33500 / ton, is expected to price increases under the influence of many factors of space still exists, or continue to the end of the second quarter! Refrigerant cost basic constitute a can of refrigerant cost roughly divided into several parts: everything raw material, filling fee and loss, tanks, valves, packaging and printing, logistics, transport and storage, management fees, taxes and reasonable profits, etc. Generally everything in the market is divided into two classes: first class ( Content is 99 or higher. 5%) ; Top grade product, Content is 99 or higher. 9%) To top grade product, for example, at present the cost of raw materials has been to 33500 / ton, plus other necessary expenses, a can of ordinary packaging/brand refrigerant cost largely exceed 11 yuan/cans. Remind everyone here, buy cold media need to confirm the quality guaranteed to see the price, do not blind pursuit of low prices. To welcome the upcoming refrigerant demand, we have made full preparation for you, not only the product quality guaranteed, price is one pace reachs the designated position. Friends hope that the general maintenance enterprises seize the opportunity, don't miss!
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