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Running capacitor, running capacitor, running capacitor price

by:Arkool     2020-09-06
Motor capacitor is usually divided into two kinds: starting capacitor, running capacitor. Easy to cool, as one of the production of capacitor manufacturers, starting capacitor, running capacitor also has production, welcomed the procurement of capacitor manufacturers to choose. Startup capacitor: the rotation of the ac motor must have a rotating magnetic field. Single-phase ac motor due to only one phase alternating current (ac), while the magnetic field is rotating, but didn't start torque, so the electric motor rotate up, after an external force is needed to start the rotor, so people use of the characteristics of the capacitance, the original ac change a phase difference and received a boot in the motor coil, produce the start torque, enables the motor to spin. So the capacitor start. Running capacitor: and some of the single phase ac motor has two capacitance, one is a startup capacitor, a capacitor is run. Starter and capacitance of the generally divided into generator (two kinds. Used for mechanical is generally starting capacitor. Small blower fan and also is single phase motors, they are running capacitor. Only a single phase ac motor winding, is squirrel cage rotor. Single phase electricity does not produce a rotating magnetic field. To make single-phase electric function automatically spin, we can add a starter in the stator winding, starting with the main windings in space by 90 degrees, starting winding to concatenate a suitable capacitance, makes differ with approximation in the phase of the primary winding current 90 degrees, the so-called split-phase principle. These two on the time difference between 90 degrees of electricity flow into the two differ 90 degrees of winding on the space, will be produced in the space ( Two phase) A rotating magnetic field, under the effect of the rotating magnetic field, the rotor can be automatic starting, capacitance in circuit said after starting capacitor running single-phase motor. Single-phase capacitor running asynchronous motor is essentially a two-phase motor. Often need to start the motor capacitor. But with the best start capacitance and the best operation is different, so often need to run capacitance. Running capacitor is added to make the motor can run at optimum efficiency.
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