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Refrigerator refrigerant matters needing attention in the process of use

by:Arkool     2020-07-04
Refrigerant is indispensable to give freezer refrigeration effect, a substance in the process of use has very many matters needing attention. Refrigerants, also known as refrigerant, refrigerant, snow, different method of equipment add refrigerant, the use of refrigerant element is also different. Industrial refrigerants are explosive, there are potential dangers of the explosion, so pay special attention to. To store all items to use material, it is suggested that choose the cylinder and the cylinder suggestion is relatively new, although some new cylinder, also want to carefully check whether the seal status, is there any corrosion spots, have corrosion spots, suggest to replace it. On this issue but cannot carelessness, negligence resulting in serious things happen would be late. And don't put the cylinder in the current season is too full, because of too full can be very dangerous, particularly high temperature in summer and, their time to choose a cool place, can not long time exposure, otherwise the cylinder pressure will increase, according to the principle of heat bilges cold shrink, the weight of the refrigerant injection cylinders must be good control, bear in mind that cannot fill. How much should contain? Usually no more than 60% of the cylinder volume is ok, so even if the temperature was increased, will give it to set aside room for expansion. In addition to cannot insolate, and avoid contact with fire, distance far some flammable materials. Be careful when using, refrigerator refrigerants mismanagement is very dangerous. Whatever the composition which categories of refrigerant in use after, should immediately close the cylinder valve. With halogen lamp to freezer refrigeration system leak detection, in the color change, after determining funnelled to immediately remove the suction, lest phosgene poisoning.
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