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Refrigerator freezer refrigerant adding method

by:Arkool     2020-07-04
Refrigerator freezer refrigerant adding steps are as follows: 1, you should add refrigerator refrigerants with guarantee system has been down, after systematic connection; 2, at the time of system connection should be closed, high and low pressure valves, the system of high and low pressure test connection lock at the same time, filling interface to connect the vacuum pump at the same time tightening; 3, vacuumizing system must first open the high and low pressure valves, the system starts on time, after a period of time again check to see if the system has been completely vacuum, then close the high and low pressure valves, finally close vacuum pump; 4, when add refrigerant will yellow tube and the connection between the vacuum pump off, after connected to the refrigerant bottle twist; 5, and then open the refrigerant bottle first, then open the table set on the valve core will yellow tube, the air after reverse refrigerant cylinder in place at the same time; 6, open the high and low pressure valves, supplying the system with refrigerant, such as at the end of the specified amount to close high and low pressure valves, at the same time, the refrigerant cylinder. To determine whether a refrigerant amount in place, please check according to the following steps: refrigerator freezer refrigerant adding method is as follows: method 1:1, the process will add fluid tube and compressor mouth connection is good, first pumping air into vacuum state, according to disconnect when maintenance process mouth decided to take time to time. If the broken process have more gas mouth, take time to time 5 ~ 10 minutes; If the broken process in everything in a gas discharge mouth, should take time to 20 ~ 30 minutes. Vacuum after 5 minutes should start compressor runs at the same time stop press 3 ~ 5 minutes. 2, after the vacuum, first close the valve after the maintenance stop vacuum pump, quick to add liquid pipe joint fluorine bottle, open of fluorine valve, according to their own habits, upside down or put fluoride bottles is ok. Slightly loosen the half circle repair valve and liquid pipe mouth, add the liquid in the tube using fluorine pressure air overflow ( Often called 'wash pipe') Tighten connection, about 2 ~ 3 seconds. 3, by using the differential vacuum after stop charging. Slightly open service charging valve about 1/4 turn, scheming close charging valve after 5 ~ 6 seconds, then wait 2 minutes to start the compressor works, the low pressure table is falling fast. Whose hands will be aimed at 0 if the following, the filling capacity is less than, can add fluid valve slightly open supplement; If the pressure under 1 kg, can keep the refrigerator running of commissioning. Commissioning of the observation in the evaporator frosting, touch condenser cooling conditions, the temperature of the muffler. If there is a muffler frost, should put to open the charging valve fractional, until no frost. If it is found that the pressure gradually to the negative pressure, compressor and depressing sound, explain to produce ice wall, should be handled according to the ice blocking solution separately. 4, commissioning observation about half an hour later, the evaporator shall all be covered with frost, condenser heat is normal, back to the trachea gradually cooled to a little condensation, can automatically stop after 1 hour, a key rule is normal, the whole process of charging and charging amount can be treated as ends and appropriate. Method 2:1, then good vacuum pump vacuum 10 minutes ( According to specific situation) , 5 minutes after electrify the refrigerator freezer compressor is turning up ( The vacuum pump can't stop) , ten minutes after closed vacuum pumps and compressors are still running. Then good fluorine bottle ( Guarantee the quality of fluoride) With fluorine bottle fluorine, liquid air overflow pipe. Temporarily closed charging valve fully open of fluorine valve, inverted fluorine bottle, open the charging valve ( About half a circle) At this point to refrigerator freezer, fluorine. The door is closed or cover the lid. 2, can be seen from the whole process, high and low pressure gauges, basic no matter! The temperature of the compressor, the current also don't see, no matter! Just frost and fluorine content! ! ! Pressure gauge was used to observe system whether there is a jam phenomenon, pay attention to add fluoride in pressure cannot be too high, to avoid overload protection downtime. As long as add fluoride operating properly, the compressor without 'fault' a priori, running current and system pressure will be with the decreasing of temperature box in the normal range. 3, don't let the outside of the box back eventually tracheal frost, can only be condensation; Don't exceed the rating of compressor current; 2 hours or so should be able to operate properly automatic stop. Other no matter, to seal. Method 3: according to the nameplate at the back of the fridge indicate quantity, using electronic scale shall be carried out in accordance with the labeled amount, then according to the above method to determine whether a refrigerator key is normal.
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