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Refrigerator do refrigerator not refrigeration is not what are the reasons?

by:Arkool     2020-06-28
The refrigerator is the most practical and necessary home appliances. Since the emergence of a refrigerator, we also save a lot of ingredients. Refrigerator main purpose is to keep fresh food. But the refrigerator has a headache, is suddenly not refrigeration, preservation of food in the refrigerator will be faced broken crisis. At this time, what should we do? Together to get to know the refrigerator is not the cause of the refrigeration have? Reason one: the lack of refrigerant some similar to the principle of refrigerator and air conditioning, air conditioning refrigeration is to add fluoride, and refrigerant refrigeration is to rely on, how to determine the refrigerator because of lack of refrigerant without refrigeration? If the lack of refrigerant, embodied in the first start from freezer refrigeration, if further refrigerant is insufficient, the freezer evaporator cannot all frost. Refrigerant, further the freezer is not refrigeration. Reason two: ice refrigerator freezer freezer freezes in whole or partial freeze, will result in the refrigerator is not refrigeration. The icy main reason is that the thermostat failure. And freezer door closed lax, cause a lot of a lot of outside air into the frost. Three reasons: the storage of food too much is not storage freezer, don't put too much food in the refrigerator, if stored in the refrigerator too much food, food is too close to the lining of the freezer, and leads to the fridge in the fridge or freezer freezes resulting in refrigerators without refrigeration. Reason 4: defroster bad frost in the refrigerator is broken, the ice in the fridge can't timely clean up out of the refrigerator, make refrigerator in ice plug phenomenon, will also cause the refrigerator no refrigeration. This time to replace the frost of freezer, at the same time to clean up the ice in freezer, open the refrigerator drainage pipe, remove the ice wall. Can solve a problem. That is on the refrigerator is not the reason why the refrigeration, through our own can solve, but freezer failure should not be ignored, must be timely solve.
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