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Refrigeration industry is still in the best period

by:Arkool     2020-04-01
< p> in 2017, the refrigeration market remains blustery, refrigeration compressor industry continues to imported products, Chinese brand also didn't lose momentum. In the vagaries of pattern, the domestic compressor enterprise is the direction of future development? How to become a mainstay in market torrent? Below we will lead you go to compare the advantages and disadvantages of piston machine and small screw machine. < / p> < p> compressor: small power screw Detroit pistons < / p> < p> the piston machine or profit point has been rarely vortex machine, screw machine power profits are relatively high, but the quantity is little. 'According to the first half of this year the screw machine sales, should be similar to last year's sales situation, possible future air conditioning after screw penetration, the amount will be increased, but air conditioning screw may lower profits. '< / p> < p> it is well known that in recent years, with a small screw compression piston machine market trends, to this phenomenon, 30 pieces of the following screw machine is hard to approved by the market. 'More important when choosing a compressor stability and high cost, now 8, 10, 15 horse horse horse piston has been very mature, products on the stability and the price is competitive, why choose screw machine? '< / p> < p> the piston machine has simple device, mature technology, such as inherent advantages, on the small cold storage engineering, many end users are accustomed to using the piston machine, does not necessarily spend double the cost to choose the screw machine. The miniaturization of screw machine so limelight must not last, and even can be seen as a publicity stunt. 'Small screw in the short term won't replace piston machine status' < / p> < p> 'if twenty horses, 30 pieces of piston machine can not out of order, the customer will not choose with screw machine, but it is precisely the present domestic piston machine quality is uneven, thus resulting in a variety of customers in the use case, this gives the 20 to 30 horse horse screw machine must have a space. 'In terms of stability, screw machine is more stable, and less failure rate, but it is the biggest problem is that the overall demand is not big, and higher technical requirements to the engineering contractor, so he thought, from the demand side, the small screw machine want to have a bigger development also need a period of time. : < / p> < p> refrigeration industry is still in the best period < / p> < p> in order to better grasp the development direction of refrigeration industry, the analysis of industry trends: refrigeration industry now is still in good time, do best in heat pump heating refrigeration equipment, expect next year will have a better development, and to the year after next may experience reshuffle, second good do, the field of refrigeration is relatively difficult to do is to air conditioning field. < / p> < p> in terms of the refrigeration industry, the demand of cold chain would be a hot, may be a refrigeration industry in the future the main selling point, involved in the cold chain and agriculture of the part and will be a top priority. At the same time, now industrial cold water market in an unprecedented crisis, sales decline is more serious. < / p> < p> < / p>
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