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Refrigerants R290 and refrigerants R290 performance comparison

by:Arkool     2020-06-25
Refrigerants R290, namely, propane, is a kind of can direct access to natural hydrocarbon refrigerants from liquefied petroleum gas. Compared with the freon this synthetic refrigerants, does not contain chlorine atoms in the molecule of R290 natural working medium, therefore the ODP value is zero, the damage to the ozone layer has no effect. In addition, with the effects of the same damage to the ozone layer is no HFC material, compared the GWP value of R290 close to 0, has no effect on the greenhouse effect. At present in Germany R290 has been used for household heating and air conditioning system. At present our country is using more refrigerant R22 air conditioning industry. R290 and the standard boiling point, freezing point, critical point of R22 was very close to the basic physical properties, are the basic conditions of replace R22. In saturated liquid, the density of R290 is smaller than R22, so R290 perfusion volume smaller, under the same volume trials show that under the same system volume of R290 perfusion amount is about 43% of R22. In addition, due to the latent heat of vaporization of R290 is about 2 times of R22, so the amount of refrigerant in the refrigeration system of R290 cycle. R290 with good material compatibility, and copper, steel, cast iron, lubricating oil and so on all can good compatibility. But refrigerants R290 can't large-scale applications, because its inflammable and explosive has yet to be effectively solved, this is the biggest obstacle to its popularity. To reduce the potential safety hazard, IEC standard for the maximum safe infusion quantity of refrigerant R290 restrictions: 10 square meters room press 2. The installation of the 2 m height, the perfusion amount must be less than 290 g. After reduced perfusion to a certain extent, can reduce the amount of refrigerant leakage, so as to improve the security of R290 used. Refrigerant perfusion measure will reduce produce refrigeration capacity decline? To this, the personage inside course of study says, latent heat of vaporization of R290 is about 2 times that of R22, which means that the unit mass of R290 refrigeration capacity is higher. And at present, the experiment has confirmed that under the condition of the decrease of R290 refrigerant perfusion, to reform the structure of cooling system can completely reach or exceed R22 refrigeration effect. Reduce the leak amount and improve the ability of leak detection, response is an important measures to improve the safety of R290. We have learned, at present the majority of manufacturers of air conditioning performance standards are high, the normal air conditioning in leak amount can control below 5 g, won't produce any danger. Now more concentrated in the air conditioning refrigerant leak during the process of installation, use and maintenance, also exist in the process of the many uncontrolled factors such as environment, use, therefore in the process of the safety control measures still needs further research and improvement. Domestic has built some hydrocarbon refrigerants R290 demonstration pilot project, haier, gree air-conditioning manufacturers such as ongoing transformation work of R290 air-conditioning production line, the next two years application of R290 air conditioning new products will emerge in succession. The future of our country will further increase the use of air conditioning refrigerant R290 production line reconstruction demonstration pilot efforts. With the deepening of the research of R290 application technology, use the experience accumulated, environmentally friendly refrigerant R290 may have broad market application prospect in the future.
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