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Refrigerants of comprehensive interpretation of the original so practical

by:Arkool     2020-06-08
Many people for the understanding of the refrigerant must not deep, but mention of freon, may be many people all know, air conditioning not refrigeration, will find maintenance master, master general will say that air conditioning fluorine missing, in fact, air conditioning plus the fluorine is a kind of refrigerant, the following: ok, we will take you detailed understanding! Problem a: what is the refrigerant? Refrigerant is also called the refrigerating agent, commonly known as snow in some areas of the south. It is a cycle in the refrigeration system and through its own change of state in order to realize the refrigeration work material. Refrigerant in the evaporator absorbed by the cooling medium ( With air or water, etc. ) Heat and evaporation, in the heart of the condenser heat transfer to the surrounding air or water and condensation. Specific to air conditioning products, we usually say add freon freon, freon is what? Freon is saturated hydrocarbons ( Hydrocarbons) The floorboard of the halogen derivative, as in the 30 s of this century, with the development of chemical industry and the type of refrigerant, it solved the refrigeration KongDiaoJie seeking of refrigerants. Can be seen from the definition of freon, now what is called the non freon R134A has a, R410A and R407c are freon. Problem two: refrigerants for what it is? To understand this problem have to clear the working principle of air conditioner, let's take a look at how the common air conditioning is work. Air conditioning first use of electricity to gas compressed into a liquid, then the evaporation in the cooling side will be liquid ( Endothermic process) And the evaporation gas by the lead back to compressor back into a liquid ( Exothermic process) , from this cycle, removed to heat to a continuous process, in order to achieve the purpose of refrigeration. And from liquid to a gas in the air conditioner, or gas into a liquid for heat transport is called 'refrigerant' ( Freon) The material. Question 3: what are the types of refrigerants, what is the difference between them? We have used in the refrigeration industry of fluorine refrigerant R11, R12, R22, R32, R113? , R115, R123, R125, everything, R143A, R141b, R142b, R152, R404A ( 44% R143A R125 and 52% and 4% of the 134 a) 、R407c( And 25% of the 23% of R32 R125 and 52% of everything) R410A ( And 50% of the 50% of R32 R125) R500 ( 73. 8% of the R12 and 26. 2% of R152) 同( 48. 8% of R22 and 51. 2% of R115) And so on. Freon could damage the ozone layer is because there is the existence of cl element in refrigerants, and along with the increase of the cl atom number of ozone depletion ability increase, with the increase of h element content of ozone depletion ability; The greenhouse effect is mainly due to the refrigerant in the process of slow oxidation decomposition, generate large amounts of greenhouse gases, such as co2, etc. According to the molecular structure of the freon refrigerant, which can be roughly divided into the following three categories: 1, CFCS: referred to as 'CFC, mainly including the R11, R12, R113? , R115, R500, R114, due to the destruction of the ozone layer and is the largest, has been the Montreal protocol as a kind of controlled substances. Such material is currently bans the use, in the process of manufacture of polyurethane sponge, R11 by R141b as transitional substitutes. 2, hydrogen CFCS as for short, mainly including R22, R123, R141b and R142b, ozone depletion coefficient is only a few percent of R11, therefore, at present as kind substance is regarded as CFC type of the most important transitional alternative material. R22 were limited in the Montreal protocol in 2020, R123 are limited in 2030, developing countries can postpone for 10 years.
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