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Refrigerants are 'poisonous'

by:Arkool     2020-08-06

People often say that the new environmental protection refrigerant is non-toxic, actually this is wrong. Refrigerant is only in the relative environment not toxic, but when the refrigerant is environmental changes. Poisoning accidents may occur. So when use needs to pay attention to safety, make preventive measures. According to the ASHRAE refrigerant security classification standard, the safety of refrigerant is according to its own combustible and toxic to human body harm degree to divide. 

 Thus, refrigerant non-toxic does not take the place of its safety, it is just in a security. For safety use of refrigerant, both to understand its toxicity, also cannot ignore its flammability. Any kind of refrigerant, when its concentration exceeds a certain level, or people under a certain concentration of exposure time or the number of repeated exposure exceeds a certain limit, can damage human body health, acute or chronic poisoning symptoms. 

 As a result, the absolute avirulent, harmless to the human body cold media did not exist. So-called nontoxic and harmless are relatively certain concentration level and exposure time, exposure times. In the actual freezer room, when the concentration of the refrigerant can control the allowable concentration limit prescribed by the below, can be considered is non-toxic and safe. To be equipped with breathing life saving appliances.
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