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Refrigerant why so high price, price increases for our favorite stylemakers frequently?

by:Arkool     2020-07-02
This year the refrigerant price fluctuations can use & other; Stimulation & throughout; To describe, many industry insiders say can't understand, here try to comb. A, raw material prices along with the increasingly strict environmental requirements, to the acceleration of production capacity, lead to rising constantly refrigerant materials fluorite, hydrofluoric acid. The central environmental protection inspection patrol in the national various provinces, environmental dynamics of high pressure, arising from resulting work stoppage, fluorite and hydrofluoric acid to leak, hydrofluoric acid supply shortage, constantly pushing up prices. Second, the raw material demand with the speeding up of refrigerant product out, the second generation HFC refrigerants as gradually by the third generation, fourth generation replaced HFO refrigerants. However, the more environmental protection, the new refrigerant, the demand for hydrofluoric acid. Now using hydrofluoric acid is as 1 HFC refrigerants. More than 6 times, HFO using hydrofluoric acid is 1 of HFC refrigerants. More than 5 times. Market demand of new environmental protection refrigerant volume, especially the rapid growth of R410A, increased the demand for hydrofluoric acid, to itself with the demand of hydrofluoric acid market. Third, by-product hydrochloric acid balance difficult refrigerant production bring a lot of by-product hydrochloric acid. The same production 1 ton of HFC by-product hydrochloric acid is as 1. Five times, such as producing one ton of R22, out of 3 tons of by-product hydrochloric acid, 1 ton R125 out of 4 tons of by-product hydrochloric acid, 1 out of 4 tons of R32. 8 tons of by-product hydrochloric acid. The fluorine chemical industry by-product hydrochloric acid production by nearly 2 million tons. The user characteristic of by-product hydrochloric acid is scattered, small, many, is mainly used for pickling, chemical production, the separation of rare earth concentrate, metal smelting, water treatment, etc. Major clients concentrated in fujian, jiangxi and other places, security, environmental protection policy of downstream effects in by-product hydrochloric acid. In particular, this year the central environmental protection inspectorate in fujian, jiangxi, the impact on the local users of by-product hydrochloric acid production, 80% of the enterprise is restricting output, production. Device with sale of by-product hydrochloric acid, the production of balance is broken, many refrigerant enterprise is forced to reduce load, reduced the supply of refrigerants. Four main demand side, refrigerant downstream demand from three aspects: one is the demand of OEM production enterprises, continue to increase. The second is the expansion of the global warming trend, the high temperature of the late service maintenance market incremental amplification. Third, export market active, China has become the world's largest exporter of refrigerant. With the speeding up of foreign environmental protection refrigerant replacement, made in China has become one of the world's biggest supplier refrigerants.
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