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Refrigerant update in the developed countries, domestic products containing fluorine is expected to be high

by:Arkool     2020-06-05
At present, the developed countries are phasing out the second generation ( As HCFCs, R22) And the third generation ( HFCs, represented by R32) Containing fluorine refrigerant, overseas suppliers to gradually withdraw from the market. But has not been eliminated, the old refrigeration equipment and air conditioning service market containing fluorine rubber material facing the raw material supply. And the refrigerant are still given priority to with second and third generation, therefore the refrigerant export market is positive. According to the regulations of the Montreal protocol, the second generation of refrigerant will be completely eliminated, and according to the developed countries and developing countries set a timetable, different selection of developed countries began to freeze in 1996 consumer base, buffer for 24 years, will completely eliminate the use of the second generation in 2020; Developing countries elimination process slightly slower than the developed countries. Must be frozen in 2013, the production and consumption, cut since 2015, buffer for 17 years, and in 2030, eliminated. Our country since 2013 has been for the second generation of the consumption and production of refrigerant HCFCs quota policy, from 30, 2013. 80000 tons in 2015 to 27 cuts. The remaining 200000 tons, 40000 tons, to 2020, 2030 is completely eliminated. The third generation of refrigerant ODP value is 0, but high GWP value, still can cause global warming greatly accelerated, belongs to products will be eliminated. On October 10, 2016, the Montreal protocol 28 times the conference of the parties by amendment of hydrofluorocarbons cuts. Agreement also according to the economic development of developed countries and developing countries and developed different exit roadmap, our commitment to cut HFCs gradually since 2024. At present developed countries in the second generation of refrigerant capacity has been completely out of Europe, in the americas is rapidly shrinking, the eu environmental policy is prompting production began to gradually reduce and even part of the third generation of refrigerants was forced out. And for a period of time, by contrast, the second and third generation of refrigerant production time, the old refrigeration equipment used to eliminate the general need 8 - from the beginning 10 years of time, this leads to the second and third generation refrigerant still has a lot of overseas demand, product exports is expected to be high in our country.
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