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Refrigerant R410A and R22, R32 used for air conditioning

by:Arkool     2020-06-17
Buy air conditioning needs to see it with what kind of refrigerant? Buy air conditioning or a few people will ask the remote problem, because to use what refrigerant effect not use of air conditioning. Regarding household air conditioning refrigerant, commonly used have R22, R410A and R32. We common people from price, environmental protection, and security consideration. 1, the price for the price, in fact, for consumers didn't feel. Because is a set of machine, the only thing to consider is the late if you need to add refrigerant have certain influence. R22 is the most common, the price is relatively cheap, R410A medium price, R32 is more expensive. This year, according to the latest data show, manufacturer of refrigerant in general are for refrigerant prices rose slightly. In early September, refrigerant main raw material - Anhydrous hydrofluoric acid, the major domestic manufacturers price is 11000 yuan/tons. The quality of the copper pipe using R22 air conditioner, it is not too good, because the refrigerant pressure on copper tube. Using R410A and R32, purity of copper tube thickness and the demand is higher, because of the copper pipe pressure is 1 of R22. More than 5 times. So good to use some of the brass, the corresponding price would be higher. So, you will find that, in contrast, using R22 air conditioner cheap, price expensive with R410A, using R32 and expensive. 2, environmental protection for environmental protection, see bosses have to protect the earth's heart, also give children leave some resources, R22 will damage the ozone layer, intensify the greenhouse effect. R410A won't destroy the ozone layer, but will intensify the greenhouse effect. R32 and by far the most environmental protection, will not damage the ozone layer will not aggravate the earth's greenhouse effect. 3, safety for safety, R22 and R410A similar inert gas. R32 is a flammable gas, reach a certain concentration in fire explodes. Occasional air conditioning explosion of news, mostly because of the installation process does not reach the designated position leaked R32 flame exploded. Especially in the air conditioning need maintenance, air conditioning refrigerant, some with R32 maintenance master are reluctant to take over. Based on three aspects of consideration, I recommend using R410A refrigerant air conditioning. First-line brand air conditioner manufacturers at home and abroad are also gradually replace R22 useful R410A trend. If from the professional point of view, R32 refrigerants in thermal efficiency is highest.
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