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Refrigerant R404a, buy is to earn R404a refrigerants in the sell like hot cakes

by:Arkool     2020-08-02
Refrigerant R404a belong to all the refrigerant type of sell like hot cakes products, online procurement, don't miss the Venus. Beijing is cool in the refrigeration industry more than 25 years, as one class representative, dongyue, such as brand, product and the service is excellent. R404a refrigerants at home and abroad customers in all areas. Old customers purchase refrigerant R404a, one phone call directly fix. So it's very important to choose the right manufacturer, buy is to earn! 'How much money' R404a refrigerants? Now choose products is price. The price is reasonable, good product quality, it will be selected, so how to distinguish authenticity or refrigerant R404a? Here to teach you tell briefly about: 1, appearance, the packing of the container is meticulous, production date and shelf life of the handwriting is clear. 2, the weight and also indicate the basic consistent, tank bottom and the tank wall sew there would be no rust, etc. , and its composition are within the standard. 3, some fake products because of its various components, use will produce the phenomenon such as ice block, refrigeration effect is not good, not only will more serious damage to the compressor, expansion valves and piping components and parts, causing serious problems of air conditioning. If you have questions about easy cool R404aa refrigerants, refrigeration - please contact easily cool cool — You close the way of purchasing consultant.
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