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Refrigerant R22 substitutes have?

by:Arkool     2020-07-04
Use a lot of consumers and refrigerant, but as the fluorine plan of approximation, many consumers are like know about the research progress of R22 refrigerant alternatives. After professional long-term studies have found that now refrigerant R22 mature HFCS substitutes has the following several: R410a refrigerant: its thermal performance is very close to the single working medium, though they do not to the thermal properties of refrigerant R22 are similar, but it may be freon R22 most promising HFC substitute. Using R410a refrigeration system retrofit thoroughly, but after retrofit machines become more compact. Another advantage is its high thermal conductivity of liquid phase, low viscosity, make its have is better than that of the transmission properties of R22. : refrigerant R407c is among the candidate calls for higher refrigerant R22 substitutes in the alternative refrigerants. This is due to the thermal properties of refrigerant R407c and freon R22 is similar to that of their work stress and refrigerating capacity are close to. Which alternative is simple, the original freon R22 machine after using refrigerant R407c except oil change, adjust the volume of injection system impact and throttling element, the compressor and the rest of the equipment are not change. But after using R407c the refrigerating capacity of the machine and a slight decline when can effect comparing with freon R22, and the biggest refrigerant R407c defects may be large temperature glide. Everything refrigerant: compared with the freon R22, pressure, will reduce the cooling capacity, most of the pipeline, including heat exchanger should be expanded to reduce the pressure loss, compressor capacity will increase. Use it instead of a dramatic decline in the refrigerating capacity of the system after the refrigerant R22, can effect comparing also fell slightly. System retrofit cost is higher, so for small residential or commercial air conditioning is unlikely to use it, but for the big water chiller especially when using a screw or centrifugal compressor is more appropriate.
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