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Refrigerant prices doubled Su Ningnian ZhongQing promise fluorine filling service does not rise in price

by:Arkool     2020-07-02
Since the Spring Festival this year, because raw material prices and policy reasons, such as refrigerant prices are rising. At the end of April, the relevant product price rise at 54% 155%. So, air conditioners, refrigerators and other consumer need refrigerant appliances, blunt fluorine fee will be adjusted? , Su Ningbang guest this summer for fluorine service and commitment to plain code marks a price rise, not for the general user services. Refrigerant price fluctuations impact on the life of the people in where? The personage inside course of study says, air-conditioning and refrigerator all sorts of refrigeration equipment, such as the so-called refrigerants are needed to achieve a goal. So as the refrigerant prices, the price of air conditioning fluorine filling will be changed accordingly. Not only that, fluorine filling industry price is not transparent, the phenomenon such as door to door fee, also let many users feel helpless. For the convenience of users, Su Ningbang promise fluorine filling card products do not rise in price, stable current prices. Su Ningnian ZhongQing coming, retain customers relaxed summer. The blunt fluorine card is Su Ningbang guest product that launched in 2016, the user can be purchased in stores and Su Ningyi purchase price transparency, a card covers fluorine filling all fees. Su Ningbang guest as suning after-sales service brand, specializing in electrical home appliances after-sales service. Su Ningbang guest maintenance engineers have been professional training, to the user whether the air conditioning for fluorine filling, and air conditioning will leak detection, and then provide users with the appropriate fluorine filling scheme, to ensure that user comfort air conditioning and other electrical appliances.
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