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Refrigerant manufacturer to discuss about air conditioning refrigeration slow reason and solution

by:Arkool     2020-08-17

Refrigerant manufacturer to discuss about air conditioning refrigeration slow reason and solution of air conditioning refrigeration and what are the reasons of slow? When the indoor machine return air filter dirty air conditioning refrigeration mode, outlet air temperature is low, the indoor machine is indoor machine air volume is small, small total quantity of cold air conditioning in the room temperature speed down slowly. When the compressor start capacitance aging due to reasons such as high temperature, voltage fluctuation is frequent in capacity attenuation when the compressor can't normal, instant startup, only live on for a period of time in the voltage and current under the repeated impact is likely to start up; Beginning of this case air conditioning indoor machine out of the wind is not cold, only when the compressor start up outlet air temperature will reduce the indoor machine. How to solve the problem of air conditioning refrigeration slow? Suggest to clean indoor machine return air filter and air moisture after back. 

 Actually, cleaning air conditioning is not difficult, the material need for air conditioning disinfectant or special cleaner, and these two kinds of material inside will also be able to buy in the supermarket, the price is not expensive. In the cleaning process of concrete, combined with the style of the air conditioning is needed to take a different cleaning method, conventional, mainly including wall-mounted air-conditioner, and the two cabinet air conditioning cleaning method, difference was mainly for air conditioning has its own type. 

 1, wall-mounted air conditioning clean method: ( 1) Shut off the power, to ensure the safety of the cleaning processes; ( 2) Turn on the air conditioning panel, remove the air purification filters and filter; ( 3) See very dirty after heat sinks, took out the prepared cleaner to spray a few times, to control the distance of 2 ~ 3 cm; ( 4) After spraying detergent, use cloth to wipe, with dry cloth, wipe after waiting for ten minutes; ( 5) Time passed, install the filter and filter to the original place, and then open state of refrigeration lasts for about 30 minutes, air conditioning in the process of operation, to internal water discharge, wall-mounted air-conditioner is clean. 

 2, cabinet air conditioning cleaning grille type air conditioning: ( 1) Turn off the power supply first; ( 2) Under the FengKouChu find dusty heat sink, wash detergent on the heat sink. Slide type air conditioning: a slide in the process of cleaning air conditioning, the first thing to open air conditioning, then, turn the power off after see heat sink, then sprayed on the heat sink. The two cabinet air conditioning after spraying cooling fin, need not use dry cloth to wipe the heat sink. Probably wait after a quarter of an hour, will open air conditioning refrigeration mode, about another 30 minutes, air conditioning internal sewage discharge automatically, has completed the cleaning work.
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