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Refrigerant manufacturer of energy-saving HCR hydrocarbon refrigerants?

by:Arkool     2020-08-18

Refrigerant manufacturer to cool power saving HCR hydrocarbon refrigerants? 

 1、HCR - 422 hydrocarbon refrigerants ( The room air conditioning) High efficiency: HCR - 422 refrigerants compared with R22 refrigeration effect is better, in all weather conditions show the competitive performance of refrigeration; More energy efficient, according to the national authoritative organization, according to data from the test results as well as the various application cases and R22 compared to competing technologies, such as using HCR - 422 + refrigerants in air conditioning system for energy conservation, the unit power consumption can be reduced 10% 36%, the filling quantity also 1/2 - only the original A third. Quality guarantee: together with large state-owned enterprises to establish production bases, for raw materials, production process, packaging, pressure vessel and so on various components are strictly controlled, the production process shall be carried out in accordance with the relevant management system of sinopec specification, all products are according to the national audit quality supervision department product acceptance criteria, strictly to ensure product quality and stability; Prolong the service life of equipment, reduce the operation cost: in most cases, the use of HCR - refrigeration equipment in the replacement After 422, air conditioning devices do not need to change. 

 Due to the nature of the product and the service life of the air conditioning compressor can be greatly extended, compatible with commonly used frozen oil, and the refrigeration equipment used in metal, rubber material has no corrosive; There is almost no environmental impact: HCR - 422 refrigerants GWP ( The greenhouse effect) Less than 3, the ODP ( Destruction of the ozone layer QianZhi) 0, compared with R22, greatly reduce the harmfulness of atmospheric environment, it has advantage of environmental protection; Improve the brand reputation, HCR - 422 refrigerants by industry rely on brand new building, innovation with quality, quality service, to meet the needs of the industry. Training and support on research and domestic technical support, we will provide you with customer support, systems engineering solutions and improve the training program and to help you achieve for the sky bluer, the water is more green, the action of the Chinese dream. 2、HCR - 412 hydrocarbon refrigerants ( Special for auto air conditioning) Amount of savings: when to replace work, compared with the traditional refrigerants such as everything filling amount, 1/2 - only the original amount Third, the user directly to save cost. Life extension for HCR - 412 series of unique physical properties, the filling is complete and use, due to the small molecular weight, pressure, can for car air conditioning compressor protection effect, reduce the work, so as to prolong the service life of the compressor. 

 Direct replacement due to the characteristics of convenient, in the replacement work, don't need to make modification, the cooling device can directly replace the original refrigerants. High oil mixed rate: compatible with all common refrigeration lubricant, but also for metal, rubber and other materials are used in the refrigeration equipment no corrosive. Refrigerating capacity big, hydrocarbon refrigerants unit mass refrigerating capacity big, significantly increase the heat transfer performance of the condenser and evaporator, effectively shorten the compressor cooling time. Compared with the traditional R134a has a refrigerant used in the automobile air conditioning, can effectively reduce 3 - 8 degrees, to the human body comfortable temperature. 

 Environmental emissions: effectively reduce vehicle emissions pollution to the environment, compared with the traditional refrigerants, reduce carbon emissions more than 45%.
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