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Refrigerant leakage treatment - common heat pump hot water machine

by:Arkool     2020-08-08

Refrigerant leakage is one of the most common fault of the heat pump system, the cause of leakage has a production process problems, such as the welding quality between no, brass or copper tube and casing friction etc. , and parts such as pressure gauge, high and low pressure switch, pressure release valve, refrigerant filling valve, etc. , may also be because of their quality problems lead to leakage of refrigerant.

 After heat pump refrigerant leakage was occurred on the performance of the parts is can normal operation, but even the loss of a big drop in heating capacity, refrigerant leakage will also associated with a drop in the oil, the captain of the compression time running, but not to the expected temperature and downtime, and back to the gas too little, will cause the compressor casing temperature rise, deterioration of lubrication, increase the risk of compressor. Judgment method of refrigerant leakage, can be in heat pump run-time check compressor gas back pressure, if below normal, can also judge system leak happened. 

 There is also a more intuitive and simple method is to observe the evaporator, low pressure drop, due to refrigerant leakage of heat pump evaporator frosting tended to increase, there may be unreasonable phenomenon of frost ( As in the above 10 ℃ in frost) , after the refrigerant leakage occurred, should immediately to leak detection, and bare not to hastily added refrigerant, leakage can't look up to and bare, the leakage of refrigerant will continue, supplement the refrigerant at the same time, it is important to note that a moderate amount of supplement frozen oil.
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