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Refrigerant industry prices rise rapidly reverse come?

by:Arkool     2020-03-14
On April 11, the main R125 makers offer jumped, from April 10, 34500 yuan/ton to 40000 yuan/ton. Main products of the factory price continued rapid promotion in the near future. Since the beginning of February, almost two months to main product price as follows. 1) R22: from 9500 to 9800 to 14500 ~ 15000 yuan/ton, 53%; 2) Everything: from 19900 to 20000 to 29000 ~ 30000 yuan/ton, 48%; 3) R125: from 21500 to 23000 to 34000 ~ 34500 yuan/ton, 54%; 4) R32: from 12000 to 12500 to 22000 ~ 25500 yuan/ton, 94%; 5) R410A: from 17500 to 18000 to 33000 ~ 35000 yuan/ton, 92% increase. Fluorite - — Refrigerant industry chain will usher in reverse. Industry in the bottom of the boom, had earlier after six years of wandering, product prices are at the bottom of the region. Since the fourth quarter of 2016 fluorite powder inventory low, combined with the supply ability is limited, lead to hydrofluoric acid in an emergency in business inventories, plant production load down, plus there is important before the Spring Festival enterprise production accidents in hydrofluoric acid and rapidly rising prices, and downstream of the refrigerant and polymer rapidly conduction. The fluorine chemical industry downstream refrigerants and polymer is extremely low, inventory and production enterprises signed a long list, the tight supply and demand in the short term is difficult to improve, formed the boom. We believe that the price will continue for a relatively long period, industry reversal began. Environmental protection new normal and refrigerant upgrade a tighter balance promoting mineral resources. From an environmental point of view: in the third batch of environmental protection verification involves 15 provinces and industry will face a new normal environmental protection, the upstream mineral will face challenges. Fluorite ore enterprise pollution, combined with the ore irrefragable, policy and environmental pressure capacity significantly shrink, lead to the supply of fluorite since the fourth quarter of 2016 obvious trend of tighter. We expect the upstream fluorite ore and fluorite powder ( The raw material of hydrogen fluoride) A tightening supply situation will continue. From the perspective of refrigerant upgrade: fluorine element of total demand is rising. In developing countries from the second generation to the three generations of comprehensive promotion in the process of refrigerant in the quality of the fluoride ratio significantly increase demand for fluoride increases obviously. And at the request of the Montreal protocol, overseas to phase out the second and third generation of fluoride refrigerants, overseas suppliers to gradually withdraw from the market, form a complete set of fluoride rubber material and raw material supply, air-conditioning maintenance market can only increase procurement from China, the demand for fluoride is rapidly increasing. Therefore, ore resource balance gradually tightened. Supply side reforms to promote refrigerant industry supply and demand fundamentals to improve. Although R22 as refrigerant in the long run will gradually withdraw from the historical stage, but the total demand will still be with downstream products market share growth and steady growth. At present our country of the production and sale of R22 strictly implement quota management, in accordance with the requirements for environmental protection, in 2017 China's production of R22 will control within 520000 tons. If, considering some out of the device, and has been effective capacity of R22 in China is about 570000 tons, industry capacity utilization is more than 90%. Downstream refrigerants, polymer demand stable growth. 1) Air conditioning: at the end of 2016 brought up an inventory (domestic and foreign trade, continued strong this market big probability will maintain at least the first half of 2017. 2) Car: the steady industry as a whole ( In recent five years global growth always stay between 2% and 5%) , since the second half of 2016, domestic car growth is improving, year-on-year growth of around 20%. 3) Exports: polymer PTFE and FEP is the world's most important fluorinated polymers. PTFE production capacity in China accounts for about 40% of the world above, but the domestic products mainly to mid-range injection level, still need to import high-end products. But rapidly increasing domestic production, product exports showed a trend of accelerated in recent years. < p> < / p>
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