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Refrigerant in crisis: prices, the market is not available!

by:Arkool     2020-08-08
After entering in April, refrigerant prices crazy, is the most with R125, month or 3 - 40000 yuan/ton. In the middle of the market is not available, start, refrigerant R125, R32 inventory dries up, has a price no city, super 8 into a refrigerant manufacturer offer is not available to suspend. In April, according to industry online updates on refrigerant product price again hit high, nearly 5 into the overall gains, super 8 into individual products. At the end of April as 22 refrigerant USES aproll ex-factory price in 1. 70 - 1. Up 2500-750000 yuan/ton, month About 2700 yuan/ton; HFC - 134 a mainstream aproll ex-factory price in 3. 0 - 3. Within 20000 yuan/ton, heat pump hot demand, surging prices; HFC - 125 pause at the end of quotation, the main market is not available or is differ, manufacturers more than for private use is given priority to, with occasional manufacturers offer 6 - 8. 50000 yuan/ton, clinch a deal a few; HFC - Early 32 mainstream aproll ex-factory price by 2. 2 - 2. 30000 yuan/ton up to 3. 0 - 3. Within 10000 yuan/ton, or 42%, HFC - 410 a mainstream aproll ex-factory price in 5. 5 - 6. 00000 yuan/ton, the largest increase month, market supply is very nervous. Feedback, according to traders, zhejiang region refrigerant factory delivery is not smooth, holding cash can immediately pick up the goods, need freight car waiting in line, sometimes for several days to mention goods, etc.
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