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refrigerant gas r134a suppliers factories qualified for exports
Lots of Chinese refrigerant gas r134a suppliers manufacturers have got export licenses which allow the merchandise to be cleared through China Customs. This is a big change compared to that in 1997. The producers who lack export licenses are normally smaller producers who act as specialized subcontractors. They simply concentrate on making a specific type of substance, processing or component for a larger- and more export oriented-manufacturer. You are expected to work with producers who have export licenses or trading businesses who partner with manufacturers in the long run.
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Hangzhou E cool refrigeration Co.,Ltd develops, designs, and produces refrigerant manufacturers. We have gained a firm foothold in the domestic market with years of solid development. refrigerant gas produced by E cool is very popular in the market. The product uses light-emitting diodes to produce light very efficiently and it can emit light in a specific direction. It has been exported to USA, Italy, Germany, France, Poland, South Korea, etc. E cool still continues to provide the best service for customers. It is non-toxic, non-flammable and non-corrosive.
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