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Refrigerant gas cylinder explosion of 12 kinds of reasons

by:Arkool     2020-08-06

Shandong yi cool chemical for refrigerant knowledge about 

1 due to storage use, from the sun, fire and thermal radiation effect, the bottle gas heating, a sharp increase in pressure cylinders until more than material strength, and make the cylinders to produce permanent deformation, or even an explosion. 

 2, because the gas cylinders in handling of bottle cap, holding valve lift, or touch attack, make bottleneck on or thread damage on the valve body, valve may be pressure out of the bottle from the bottleneck. 

 3, due to the fall in the process of handling or storage cylinders or hitting hard objects, also can in cold state explosion. 

 4, oxygen tanks of attachment or cylinder valves are dirty oil, oil refers to the rapid combustion and explosion. 

 5, the manufacture of the cylinder structure, process and materials do not conform to the requirements of the safety, the gas cylinder explosion strength is not enough. 

 6, oxygen tanks or flammable and explosive gas bottle, while filling did not identify or distinguish not strictly after cleaning, cause combustion of mixed gas explosion caused explosion. 

 7, not according to technical inspection cycle, because the bottle wall thinning of the corrosion, crack and cause explosion. 

 8, excessive filling. Especially the liquefied gas filling, not according to stipulations or heated in handling the burst pressure rose sharply after the quake.

 9, the filling speed too fast. Heating and air friction caused by excessive burning explosion. 

 10, flammable fuel gas cylinders is deflated too fast, the valve is easy to generate static electricity spark, cause burning explosion. 

 11, inflatable air pressure more than maximum allowable pressure cylinders, in the absence of pressure-relief devices or pressure-relief device failure cases, make a cylinder overpressure explosion.

 12, liquid chlorine cylinder, into the water or other liquid medium, after filling liquid chlorine, synthetic hypochlorous acid or hydrochloric acid, high temperature caused the explosion.
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