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Refrigerant Detection Super Seal Auto Air Conditioning Stop Leak

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Quick Details

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China

Brand Name: Arkool

Weight: 80G

Certification: ISO

Expiration Date: 3YEAR

Material: Refrigerant leak detection

Application: Repair the air conditioning leakage

Business type: Manufacturer

Type: Other

Certificate: ISO

Package: 96pcs/cartopn

Color: Red

Product Name: Refrigerant Detection Super Seal Ac Stop Fluorescent Leak Detector

Supply Ability

Supply Ability: 100000 Piece/Pieces per Week

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: 4 small box/big box,96pcs/big box

Port: Guangzhou,china

Product Description

A/C stop leak will permanently stop leaks in condenser, connection hoses, evaporators, gaskets and o-rings in systems that can hold 5 inches vacuum for 25 minutes. If is not recommended for systems that lose more than 1 pound of freon per day or leaking compressors. It is 100%safe for all A/C systems, and will not damage the orifice tubes of recovery equipment. 


1. Turn sliver twist valve all the way in a clockwise direction.
2. Shake can well.
3. Attach delivery system to can by screwing the red adapter to the top of the can puncturing the protective film.
4. Start car and turn A/C to max cooling.
5. Attach the quick coupler to the low side service port.

6. Once the quick coupler is attached check guage for accurate pressure reading. See table to compate outside temperature to sufficient pressure in system. If guage reading shows deficient pressure, slowly turn twist valve counter clockwise to release product.
7. Hold the can in a upright position and gently shake every 5 seconds while system is being charged. It should take 5-12 minutes for the can to be empty.
8. Check guage throughout process to measure psl. Guage reading is only accurate when the compressor is cycling. Do not over charge!If system pressure is still low, add more r134a.


1. Quickly and efficiently fill and seal system loopholes.
2. Long-term effective prevention of loopholes.
3. Does not damage the air conditioning system, will not pollute the circulatory system.
4. Once it is filled, it can seal the air conditioning system and can repair the evaporation condenser, aluminum tube, rubber tube, O-ring and so on.

Operation: (Professionals are strongly recommended to operate and air must be vented.)


1. Prepare the refrigerant gas filling tool, find the air conditioning low pressure port, and unscrew the dust cap.
2. Start the engine and turn on the air conditioning cooling system to maximum. To ensure that the compressor is working all the
time, open the door window.
3. Drain the air. Skilled and professional air conditioning maintenance personnel understand it.
4. When filling, shake it a little, and the bottle mouth is facing down, so that the liquid is injected.
5. The air conditioning system is running for 15 minutes to allow the ac stop leak to circulate.
6. If the air conditioner lacks refrigerant, replenish the refrigerant until the clutch engages.


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