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Refrigerant analyses influence on cold storage temperature of concrete

by:Arkool     2020-07-02
Refrigerant is an important factors affecting the cold storage temperature, throttle valve regulating improper or blockage, will directly affect the flow of refrigerant entering the evaporator. So you need to pay attention to the state of the refrigerant. When the throttle valve open to spend big refrigerator, refrigerant flow slants big, evaporating pressure and evaporation temperature is elevated, the storehouse temperature decreasing speed will slow; At the same time, when the throttle valve opening through small or jams, refrigerant flow rate also decreases, and the refrigerating capacity of the system is reduced, the storehouse temperature drop speed will slow too. Generally by observing the evaporation pressure, evaporation temperature and frost situation to judge the suction of throttle valve refrigerant flow. Throttle valve block is the important factors influencing the refrigerant flow, main cause of throttle valve block of ice wall and dirty wall. Ice wall is due to the poor the drying effect of dryer, moisture is contained in refrigerants, flowing through the throttle valve, the temperature fell to below 0 ℃, refrigerant water in the ice and jam throttle hole; Dirty plugging was due to the throttle valve import filter net accumulation of more dirt, refrigerant circulation, plug formation. System of refrigeration dose is insufficient, lack of refrigeration capacity enough refrigerant cycle for two reasons, one is the refrigerant filling quantity is not enough, at this point, just add enough cold storage refrigerants. Another reason is that the system refrigerant leakage is more, in this kind of situation, should first find funnelled, focusing on the pipes, valves, joints, found to leak after repairing, filling the plenty of refrigerants. Refrigerator compressor efficiency is low, the capacity can not meet the requirement of the cold storage warehouse load compressor due to long-term operation, such as piston ring and cylinder parts due to wear serious, fit clearance increases, the sealing performance will be reduced, decreases in the coefficient of the gas compressor refrigerating capacity will be reduced. When the heat load capacity is less than warehouse, will cause the warehouse temperature drop slowly. By observing the compressor suction, exhaust pressure approximately determining the compressor refrigeration capacity. If the compressor refrigeration capacity fell, the commonly used method is to replace the compressor cylinder, piston ring and if still cannot work, after replacement should consider other factors, even machine maintenance, troubleshooting.
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