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R600a refrigerant is good or bad will affect the refrigeration effect?

by:Arkool     2020-07-31
Buy refrigerators for cooling, if buy refrigerator can't reach the expected effect of refrigeration. That is to buy a storage tank. So the stand or fall of R600a refrigerants for refrigerator refrigeration effect is there? Refrigerator is good or bad, all depends on in the process of use, can play a cooling effect. Then said to the refrigeration, must say to the refrigerator compressor. A lot of people know, the compressor in the refrigeration principle, has played a very important role. In the summer. Due to the increasing of temperature, some may be more than 36 degrees. Not itself quality, refrigeration effect will be affected. Followed by R600a refrigerants. If join R600a refrigerant is pure, and inferior refrigerator refrigerants. Would damage the refrigerator compressor. May cause serious, refrigerator system crash. So when buying R600a refrigerants, must find manufacturers, or formal way to buy. Don't covet petty gain.
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