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R600a refrigerant FAQ

by:Arkool     2020-08-01
1, the refrigerant R600a is what? Refrigerant R600a is a kind of excellent performance of the new type of hydrocarbon refrigerants, derived from natural ingredients, no damage to the ozone layer, without the greenhouse effect, green environmental protection. Characterized by a large latent heat of evaporation and cooling ability; The flow performance is good, delivery pressure is low, low power consumption, load temperature picks up speed. Compatible with all kinds of compressor oil. ( Note: R600a content in the refrigeration system is insufficient, will cause the pressure value is too large, abnormal sound of machine, compressor life expectancy) 。 Colorless gas at room temperature, under pressure from its own colorless transparent liquid, is a substitute for R12. Mainly used for cryogenic refrigerants, and R22 refrigeration system was used 80 - - 120 ℃ cryogenic refrigeration device. Is also used as a foaming agent, foam plastics as alternative refrigerant R12. 2, r600a refrigerants in the refrigerator how much appropriate? Refrigerator, normal pressure to see: 1 type of refrigerants, refrigerator, is R12 is 0. 08 mpa, everything around is 0. About mpa, the R600 for - 01 0. 01 about mpa, etc. 2, environmental temperature, it is summer or winter, summer high pressure, lower in the winter. 3, as well as the refrigeration condition and trachea fever back to comprehensive judgment. 3, what is the difference between the refrigerant r600a and everything? Everything that is four fluorine ethane, the refrigerant water soluble is higher, so the refrigeration system is not very good, and under the action of the refrigerant in the lubricating oil, can produce acid, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide or can produce corrosion to metal. So everything on the system of requiring dry and clean. R600a isobutane, namely it is slightly soluble in water, with most metals such as stainless steel, copper, aluminum and carbon steel good compatibility. 4, can r600a refrigerant R22 replace? First of the two kinds of refrigerants refrigeration oil type is completely different; Second, R600a mostly used in cryogenic refrigeration equipment, such as the refrigerator; And R22 is mostly used in air conditioning and other refrigeration appliances. After using R22 alternative R600a, refrigeration equipment refrigeration effect will sell at a discount greatly. If anything, should be all of the refrigeration system piping zhongyuan some frozen oil discharge, after replace mineral oils to vacuum, filling R22 when need to adjust the proper amount of refrigerant filling. 5, r600a refrigerant how many money? Region is different, the price also is different, but the average price is as follows: plus R12 to 60 yuan and the main and R600A 80 yuan of above 1 p air conditioning to add refrigerant have to 90 yuan. 6, refrigerant R600a pollution to the environment? Among various kinds of natural refrigerants, high purity hydrogen, abbreviated: HC is one of the most pay attention to varieties of experts in the world. The current German and European region more than 90% R600a freezer is used. Other countries around the world are gradually expanding use R600a refrigerants. At present our country most R600a refrigerants refrigerator has been adopted.
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