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R410a refrigerant of which brand is good? Purchase refrigerant look here

by:Arkool     2020-06-16
The wide use of air conditioners, refrigerators, one of the biggest refrigerant R410A refrigerant is the demand, of course, is mainly because it is a kind of new environmental protection refrigerants, does not destroy the ozone layer, the main component is made up of R125 refrigerant and R32 account for 50% of mixed. R410A is by far the most appropriate internationally recognized to replace R22 refrigerant, and in Europe and the United States, Japan and other countries. Many buyers ask us R410a refrigerant of which brand is good? The following is a brief introduction. International brand: numerous refrigerant brands on the market at present, international brands have division for ( The original dupont) , honeywell, daikin, these brand of R410a refrigerant, but international brand price will be high by comparison. The production of domestic brands: now R410a recipe is not so secret, so the domestic manufacturer also in production, production on a large number of devices at the same time, the quality of the refrigerant also had certain control and guarantee. Market hot brand JuHua, dongyue, ice dragon, gold is cold, and cool lippo, etc. The market is also more recognition. By contrast the price must be cheaper. But the price slightly low than international brands. Suggest not high-end machine use, can choose the domestic brands, just by normal manufacturer sourcing, ensure quality goods. Above is for R410a refrigerant of which brand is good? Related to introduce, the hope can help you!
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