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R410A refrigerant characteristics and matters needing attention

by:Arkool     2020-07-11
As is known to all, is used to replace R22 as refrigerant R410A refrigerant one of the most environmental protection refrigerants, let us together to get to know the characteristics of refrigerant R410A and some matters that should pay attention to when using. First, pressure. Because the pressure of refrigerant R410A is 1 of R22 refrigerant. Six times, so the use of air conditioning refrigerant R410A system must adopt tools. Second, the chemical characteristics. Although R410A refrigerant is a kind of high chemical stability, nonflammable, low toxicity of refrigerants, but if large spills, R410A refrigerant in a sealed room will accumulate in the bottom of the room, cause lack of oxygen, and if there are any open at this time, will also produce toxic substances. So the use of environmental refrigerant R410A air conditioning must choose in a well-ventilated place for installation, and must be used as refrigerant R410A refrigerant recycling equipment for recycling. Three, composition. For R410A refrigerant is a mixture of two kinds of material of environmental protection refrigerants. When filling of the two kinds of refrigerants under the same pressure at the same temperature evaporation conditions are different, so to ensure that the filling into the system for liquid refrigerant R410A.
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