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R406A refrigerant and refrigerant R407c what difference? What are those?

by:Arkool     2020-06-28
At present there are many types of refrigerants, many users of similar type refrigerants with vague concepts, lead to problems in the process of purchase and use more, actually refrigerants even similar models, there are some difference in the process of application, celestica today R406A refrigerants under refrigeration is analysis for everyone and the difference of refrigerant R407c. R406A refrigerant by as 22,HCFC- B and R - 142 Mixture of 600 a, is a colorless gas at room temperature, under pressure from their own is colorless transparent liquid, is R500, substitute for R12, in environmental protection, energy saving and refrigeration capacity is superior to R12, can directly replace R12, but power consumption will increase by 18%. R407c is a kind of damage to the ozone layer can't afford to effect of mixed refrigerants. Because of its performance and as 22 is very close, it is applied in the field of refrigeration system as 22 long-term alternative, used in all kinds of air conditioning system and the centrifugal refrigeration system. R - 407 c is widely used in household air conditioner, small and medium-sized commercial house, bus, train air conditioning, etc. Compressor suction from the evaporator working medium low pressure steam, after pressure into the condenser, cold high pressure of the liquid condensed in the condenser, the throttle valve throttle, become low pressure liquid, into the evaporator, the evaporator of heat to evaporate and become a low pressure steam, and then into the entrance of the compressor, thereby complete refrigeration cycle.
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