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R32 refrigerant several matters needing attention

by:Arkool     2020-06-19
R32 refrigerant several maintenance considerations specific as follows: one, it is forbidden to smoke place maintenance steps, two meters within the scope of the operation area it is forbidden to have fire or heat source, while smoking and maintenance are strictly prohibited. Second, R32 machine line maintenance matters needing attention in R32 fission machine interior side connecting pipe sealed, so when it comes to indoor machine system need to return to the professional network maintenance, must destroy the remove the nut. 1. With the cutter size connecting pipe distance 15 - remove the nut 20 mm cutting position. 2. On the connecting pipe welding new proof remove nut accessories. Three, cold media recycling are strictly prohibited from experience to determine valve shut down big time, split or outdoor switching recycle refrigerant, recovery time by the frequency of the machine running, run greatly influenced by wind speed, and climate, it is difficult to judge according to experience refrigerant recycling completely right point in time, when the negative pressure system, such as low voltage side has a leak, will be sucked in air, there is a big security hidden danger. The correct operation method: connect pressure gauge, according to pressure valve shut down big time. Specific steps are as follows: 1, 2, tighten the pressure gauge knob counterclockwise slightly loosen connect hose 3, pressure gauge pressure gauge end end hose filling mouth and tighten. 4, to gauge the hose have spewed about 2 seconds, tighten all hose ( Exhaust air hose from the) 。 5, small close the valve, when the low pressure drop to zero. 5 mpa, immediately shut up big valves, cut off the compressor power at the same time. 4, check the hose seal check ( Confirm the pressure gauge hose seal good) 。 Correct operation method: tighten the hose after check the sealing of the connection point to ensure good seal, welding strictly implement welding specification correct operation method 1, comply with the provisions of the state of pressure vessel. Abide by the chemical industry standard factory hot work safety procedures, welding must be satisfied between 5 meters or higher oxygen, combustible gas, related to a hot point of 10 meters or more hot. 2, the use of brand welding tools. 3, welding oxygen, combustible gas must have a pressure gauge, tempering device. Operation requirements: the operator must hold a welder operation certificate issued by the national labor department. Gas bottle, oxygen tanks to stay away from fire, avoid high temperature and sunshine. Six, add refrigerant 1, it is strictly prohibited by feel additional refrigerant, now run high pressure rise, low pressure suction, the hidden trouble of the system are sucked into the air, and the compressor shell temperature rise. 2, do not pull the fan or the whole block ZhaDu condenser leakage inspection, require the use of quantitative add refrigerant filling method. 3, it is forbidden to use inferior refrigerant or fake refrigerant. Individual maintenance personnel covet is cheap, buy cheap refrigerant on market, cheap refrigerant may be fake refrigerant, does not exclude the mixed methane, R40 contour combustible material, system to produce the possibility of increasing combustion and explosion. 4, poor refrigerant or fake refrigerant recognition methods: operation method: saturated condition placed an hour later, refrigerant tank pressure in minus the corresponding relationship between the environment temperature. 2 mpa range for qualified, beyond this range is false refrigerant or bad cold media, saturated pressure gauge, please refer to below. Attached: bad refrigerant or fake refrigerant recognition method -- — R410A with bad cold media or fake refrigerant recognition method -- — R32 shut down for 10 minutes, and then observe the static pressure, such as below table values, system refrigerant less than 30%, at this point it is forbidden to boot maintenance must release the full system refrigerant and then enter the next operation. Example: R32 products. Indoor 30 ℃, 35 ℃ outdoor, the static pressure will be subject to the indoor temperature, when the gage pressure < 1. 40 mpa, there is air system, pose a safety hazard, must be put off again after poor refrigerant leakage repair welding processing. Seven, maintenance note summary 1, do not use buy inferior refrigerant or fake refrigerant ( Fake refrigerant may be mixed methane, R40 contour combustible material, system to produce more likely combustion and explosion) 。 2, don't wrong refrigerant ( Different medium of refrigerant mixture, wrong use) 。 3, installation, maintenance link specification operation ( Avoid each operation link leaks and into the air) 。 4, R32 products, maintenance, refrigerant emissions are prohibited in the 2 meters of heat, be sure to vacuum. 5, no system congestion cases boot operation ( Valve open or didn't answer the indoor machine running) 。 6, repair welding to ensure there is enough safe distance, the use of brand welding tools, pressure vessel must have a tempering equipment, welding nitrogen charging protection and standardized operation. 7, for refrigeration effect is poor and don't regularly fault ( Compressor can work) , to determine whether the static pressure is within the scope of the security operation by the regulation again.
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