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R32 refrigerant is what?

by:Arkool     2020-07-12
After the ending of the dog days in & other; After summer & throughout; Under the onslaught of the weather heat back again! How terrible? Terrible to everyone have fun & other; Throughout the whole life is air conditioning &; ! The air conditioning is who give? Is the refrigerant. Refrigerant is also called the refrigerant, commonly known as snow, is the lifeblood of the air conditioning. Today we are going to talk about a new generation of energy conservation and carbon reduction environmental non-toxic refrigerant R32. R32 is what? Encyclopedia explains: R32 is short for methylene fluoride, is a kind of coolant with zero ozone depletion potential, into a gas at room temperature, under pressure from its own colorless transparent liquid, soluble in oil, poorly soluble in water. Mention R32, will have to review the application of air conditioning refrigerant history, as well as some commonly used refrigerants. R22 is a kind of controlled air conditioning industry decades of refrigerants, due to large harm to the ozone layer, according to the Montreal protocol and the Kyoto protocol, the refrigerant exit time getting closer. Therefore, to find suitable alternative refrigerant has been the important task air conditioning industry in recent years. It is in this context, refrigerant R410A and R290 both walked into the our field of vision. R290 hydrocarbons inflammable and explosive characteristics & other people; A fearful & throughout; And R410A, although do not have a harm to the ozone layer, exacerbate global warming. All in all, both R410A and R290, did not become a mainstream market conditions. R32 as a new generation of energy conservation and carbon reduction environmental non-toxic refrigerants, become an excellent choice.
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