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R32 refrigerant is one of the prospects for good refrigerant type

by:Arkool     2020-07-17
Refrigerant industry belongs to the unpopular industry within the entire industry, for the sake of environmental protection, the type of refrigerant has been constantly optimized, R32 refrigerant currently is one of the prospects for better refrigerant selection. Below are easy to cool we brought everyone to take a look at the status quo of refrigerant R32. After entering 2015, the domestic R32 air conditioning compressor appear increase faster, production and sales figures show. 1-2015 Domestic R32 refrigerant compressor sales in February in 1. 07 million, and 2014-8 Total sales in 1. 28 million, in December month rose 109%. Push up the main cause of R32 refrigerant compressor is air conditioning manufacturing enterprises R32 alternative refrigerant R410a used in frequency conversion air conditioning's plan, 2015 air conditioning R32 refrigerant production enterprises, the new air conditioning production line, by the end of march in the domestic air conditioner manufacturing enterprise, gree and midea have R32 air conditioner production at present, haier, and other enterprises will also be in 2-2015 3 quarter increase R32 refrigerant air conditioner production plan. Early 2014 market due to the environmental characteristics of R290, environmental protection is more intent on R290 as substitute used in frequency conversion air conditioning, but because of R290 itself flammable and explosive characteristics, air conditioning enterprise cautious on its use, and the current are boundless. In the first quarter of 2015 domestic aproll R410a ex-factory price is controlled in 17400 yuan/ton, average price and R32 is controlled in 12700 yuan/ton, R32 is better than that of R410a on cost nearly 4700 yuan/ton. Environmental advantages. R32 refrigerant GWP value is 650, R410a refrigerant GWP value is 2100, on the environmental performance R32 is R410a have obvious advantages. 2015 R32 refrigerant air conditioner has developed rapidly, but at present only in its infancy, gree, midea month total demand in 200 - only 300 tons, air conditioning companies such as haier, oakes has yet to R32 form quantity demand, and the monthly output around 3000 tons, domestic R32 market air conditioning industry to R32 only accounts for 6% in production - market demand 10%, the current R32 mainly flow to the market still is given priority to with R410a. Market as a whole, in the first quarter of 2015, domestic R32 driving load maintained at about 35%, and added new capacity in 2015 market, phenomenon of excess production capacity is very prominent in the industry. So although R32 air conditioner production volume increases, the short term the market is still hard to R32 formation price support.
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